Could AVN Embarrass Themselves Any Further?

I look at the life and carreer of David Aaron Clark and it really shames me that he is NOT in the Hall of Fame.  David was my friend, he was a staunch supporter of the industry and one of the best friends that free speech and this industry ever had.

Now let us compare that with Jules Jordan, who owes his entire success to Paul Fishbein. Yet he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame?  Please?  Jules has done nothing that wasn’t done a thousand times before him but more importantly Jules Jordan has harmed the very industry that is honoring him.  He has been putting money into and supporting the biggest content thieves on earth.

Is that the best you can do AVN?  I mean really….Have you no fucking respect for the hard working and honest people in this biz?  Paul shoulda done us all a favor and left Jules Jordan behind the counter of that video store in Philly.  Maybe it is time to sell that rag, maybe it’s always been for sale….To the highest bidder.

And I thought Rob Black was a scumbag……

43790cookie-checkCould AVN Embarrass Themselves Any Further?

Could AVN Embarrass Themselves Any Further?

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  1. They gave a hall of fame award to adult friend finder if that doesnt tell you : how truly out of touch they are and its probably really an award for the biggest ad buys.

  2. So on point as always. At this point the AVNs are just a giant commercial for certain studios and a venue in which to “justifiably” raise the in studio or private session rate of certain performers. The continued “turn a blind eye” attitude in regards to JJ and his relationship to the tube sites is just comical at this stage. Your blog actually inspired me to mention this situation in my book. Thanks Mike for being an alpha male rather than a scared to rock the boat beta.

  3. Mike, your poor health has really affected your brain….. Paul’s advice to me was “dont do it” lol, he had nothing to do with me producing movies, so youre way off! You must really give credit to AVN to be able to make or break someone? it really that easy????..I worked for where i’m at, I had to sleep on floors, I had nothing…… if you’re denying me, then you are also denying CAVR, XCRITIC, Rogreviews, XRCO, nightmoves, XBIZ and many other critics, who have acknowledged my accomplishments….I have no relationships with tubesites….I am a dvd distributor…..Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Mike, I am sorry to post this, but you don’t help your case when you have to refer to people as ‘scumbags’ to make your points. It just makes you look bad. I jumped your case when you called Bree Olson all kinds of terrible names. Mike, use more appropriate language!

  5. Jules Jordan

    I think to be in anybody’s Hall of Fame you truly should be a Hall of Famer.

    Jules Jordan is a true Hall of Famer! I don’t understand the Brazzer’s beef, but I do understand that Jules Jordan and others have been fighting the Tube-site problem for a long time.

    And, I am not on JJV screeners list, I am saying what I feel.

    Congrats to XRCO Class of ’09 Hall of Famer Jules Jordan.

  6. I been calling scumbags scumbags for years no reason to stop now.

    The Brazzers beef is very simple.

    Brazzers owns 8 of the 10 largest tubesites on earth, including the 3 largest.

    They populated them with stolen content from every studio in porn, including mine. but of course not Brazzers.

    Jules Jordan has decided to distribute Brazzers, putting money in Brazzers pockets allowing them to further destroy the decent people in the industry. Jules doesn’t fight piracy he enables it.

    Pete Rose can’t be in the Baseball Hall of Fame because he did things that damaged Major League Baseball Jules has done irreperable harm to the industry he has no business in the Hall of Fame…Hall of Shame yes….

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