AVN Noms Are Out

The came out yesterday, the list is far too long and quite honestly boring for me to list them here, if you want them they can be found at www.avnawards.com

Most  categories have 15 nominees….REALLY?  You guys couldn’t narrow down Best Packaging or Best Old Woman Young girl to less than 15 possibilities?

I’m noticing that there doesnt seem to be nearly the hoopla over these that there once was and there are a TON of catagories including plenty that have nothing at all to do with video, lots of noms for sex toys and even one for Best Lube…Who even knew there were 15 different kinds of lube much less 15 that are “award worthy”  seems the only lubricant they didn’t nominate was spit. But then spit doesn’t advertise and I am unsure who would accept it anyway.

No Hall of Fame inductees were announced.

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AVN Noms Are Out

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9 Responses

  1. Wouldnt it be eisier to list the people who weren’t nominated in any category. It would make the lists shorter.

  2. Wow next they well be give award matter company for best matter provide best support when shoot porn movie on it. Why not easy clean sheets award for bed sheets that stay cleaniest when cover in jizz. When need 15 reasons not take Avn awards show serious as award show Manwen does disapoint they do provide 15 reasons much much more. My future for cast for Avn award show is gone be most boring disapoint long Avn award show ever. I say gone leave many porn stars attend that show think after show wtf was I think attend this award show for.

  3. 15 nominees is pretty much shameful and ruins the value of the awards. One of the things about awards is that it should be something just to be nominated. But honestly, AVN appears to be trying to suck all cocks possible at the same time by creating a system that allows them to nominate everyone in the business in some fashion.

    More head shaking behavior…

  4. You seen how skinny that rag has become? It is no wonder they suck all cocks possible. They have to!

  5. I really was surprised how long the noms where this year. 5 names would have been best per category, 10 eh a little long but understandable in some categories but 15. Really?!

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