AVN goes International

AVN Magazine is launching a new “European Edition” It is unclear as of right now if this move is in conjunction with Europe’s own “Hot Video” magazine, which would presumably be AVN’s main competition over there.

Anyone can see that the times are tough on American Porn companies and this appears to be an effort to increase AVN’s international exposure as well as offer US Porn companies a way to reach the Eurpoean market, assuming they don’t already advertise in “Hot Video”

In other AVN news I got the January issue yesterday and it is only about one quarter the size of what it was 4 years ago.  January id traditionally the biggest issue because it’s given out free at Adult Expo, but just like Expo Exhibitors the advertisers were just not there like they used to be.

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AVN goes International

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  1. And I haven’t been able to find it online anywhere – or I would have syndicated it (as I did Hot Video).

    If anyone knows any other European industry sites I should syndicate, please let me know.

    And should I hook up links to Google’s translator for all of the Euro articles I already syndicate?

    The Floating World

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