AVN Eventually Gets It Right

It always amuses me when I call them out and they do a new story correcting things. Such was the case with the Mister Marcus story yesterday. AVN now includes the fact that there were two DUIs and the fact that Lylith LaVey is suing him, they got a lot of that wrong though but I am privy to info that they are not so I will let em slide on it.

But lets look at Mister Marcus DUI problem because that one is interesting. The bond for a felony DUI in California is 100K so that he has 2 in a month and that his bond is 200K adds up. BUT, what constitutes FELONY DUI instead of misdemeanor DUI which carries a much lower bond (and potential sentence)

Under California law, a drunk-driving offense becomes a felony if, in addition to the misdemeanor elements, it can be proved that the driver committed any illegal act or neglected a legal duty; or caused personal injury to another individual by the act or neglect. Also, a felony can be charged when the accused has three prior misdemeanor DUI / DWI convictions within 10 years of the current alleged offense.

So there’s more to this than just a simple DUI. Mister Marcus either hurt someone, caused an accident, or was committing another illegal act, but since the bail doesn’t reflect that it appears that this wasn’t Marcus first second or even third DUI in the last decade most likely it was his fourth and fifth.

Karma is a BITCH huh Mister Marcus?

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AVN Eventually Gets It Right

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  1. Im my state 3 DUI convictions means you lose your right to drive for 12 years (and I think 1 year in prison as well). This is over the course of your lifetime. I know someone that had 2 DUIs as a 17 year old minor and now as an adult a few years back he got a 3rd (he was 45 at the time) and now can’t drive for 12 years.

    Its simple… if you drink an alcoholic beverage then DON’T get behind the wheel of a car.

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