A Response To My Last Post


I was out of town in Gulf Shores, AL working on a documentary so I was away for a few days but I got one particular response I wanted to use, it is from Rodney Moore.  I have known Rodney for many years and I know him to be a good guy.  I know that the lesser sites have run this already but one has no opinion and Green gene has no clue.  Rodney works very hard to keep his content from being stolen.

Personally I am 100% in agreement with Rodney, AVN made a big mistake, they should own it, remedy it and move on.

I emailed Theo at AVN for his comments and will run them in their entirety should he choose to do so.

An Open Letter to AVN:

I am appalled and outraged and I speak for many others that you would have an award for free tube sites, the very sites that have destroyed the industry, the very sites that have decimated the incomes of so many companies, companies that have financially supported your magazine for years.  It is a slap in the face to hundreds of industry professionals who have worked hard for years to build profitable web sites, only to see their content stolen and used to rob them of their livelihoods. These tube sites have devalued our product and made adult content worthless in the eyes of the consumer. Now you reward this degradation of the industry with an award? This is beyond reprehensible. My peers and I are disgusted.  Please admit that there has been a serious lapse in judgment and remove this award. It renders every other award you will ever hand out meaningless.
Rodney Moore
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A Response To My Last Post

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  1. You would think I would know this but I don’t. Are the producers of said videos giving these tube sites permission to post or do they own these tube sites because I just can’t see the up side if they aren’t. Orgasm.com blows my mind. Lots of the big studios, lots of complete clips including the money shot, virtually no link back that I can find and tons of advertising for everything but the original content owners. Then they recruit the girls to compete for breadcrumbs from the bread they stole from future work they are probably not going to get. Brilliant for them..for the rest of us..well it just seems not so brilliant. I am honestly not understanding the business model on the producers side of the house on this one. Not that I don’t understand the thought process behind the short trailers and teaser clips, the old test drive before you buy sort of thing but entire scenes, 10 to 20 minutes long? Seems to me your eliminating the test drive and giving away last years model for free in hopes that they will like it enough to pay for this years model. Not to mention the amount of free models to choose from. Just saying..I don’t get it. Would love to hear the upside, I have to be missing something here. If I’m not then maybe these tube sites do deserve their own award for being smart enough to trick these producers into thinking these tubes are a good idea.

  2. Some producers do, some sell the rights for peanuts but most of what is on these tubesites in full length is pirated and everyone knows it. You can try to get it removed but it usually comes right back if they even bother to remove it at all. and expecting porners to be stupid is no stretch most have been stupid for years….

  3. Do you think the brainiacs at AVN ever stopped to wonder why their magazine is so pathetically thin these days?

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