A Few Expo Photos from Day One

Many Thanks to my pal Aaron for these Excellent pics from Day one at Adult Expo


Apparently this is available to ride, but he never saw anyone ride.  What I wanna know why anyone would want to ride a Dan Davis lookalike bull anyway…..


This chick was in a box with about a dozen live scorpions.  She said the stings feel like insect bites.


Apparently Dan Davis paid this guy to take care of his date for the show….hey she cant run or even crawl away…


And finally A girl being interviewed by a guy with a microphone in a penis at the Digital Playground booth.

31240cookie-checkA Few Expo Photos from Day One

A Few Expo Photos from Day One

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2 Responses

  1. Awesome.

    You forget to mention:

    That the riding penis is a larger than scale model of 3 inch penis:

    That the bigger the scorpion is, the less poisonous to human beings (note the term of art) it is.

    The connection to Dan Davis. The guy’s pussy hair is unforgiveable, but where’s Dan?

    Who the girl is, and what sound quality this goober got from from a tube of jello.

    That’s it from the Expo?

    We need a Shakespeare to make nonsense of this.


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