The Press Release I Didn’t Run

As a general rule here I dont run press releases, not even my own, and such was the case last week when I did a press release on

But the story needs to be told and there are people here who may benefit from what we are doing.

GFY, or, was a huge adult webmaster resource board owned by Playboy and run by a guy named Eric Mattis (Thats the ex Mr Sunny Leone and the current Mr Jelena Jensen to you….)

Eric and whomever else decided that taking 25,000.oo to skin the site for one week was a good idea, even though the skin was from a company that owns and operates “tube sites” that allegedly steal content and make it available for free.

As  you may have guessed, many of the adult webmasters there saw this move as an affront and a slap across the face and in an unusual move rose up in protest, many intentionally getting themselves banned for life in the process (yes I am one of the banned for life ones)

I was talking with my friend DirtyWhite Boy and I made the comment that we should create A few hours later DWB (DirtyWhiteBoy) contacts me and says do you want to pull the trigger on this, and I said yes lets do it.

DWB and his brother Nate worked all night to get the forum up and running and give it a familiar look and feel and we started getting the word out.

To our surprise it blew up fast, within 48 hours we had almost all of GFYs top posters registered and the board continues to grow, in only four days we had over 2500 posts, and a lot of them are business related.

We want to welcome everyone to come help us out there, it is for everyone in the industry from webmasters to bloggers, to content shooters, to programmers and sysadmin to marketing and sales and hosting.

We have people who are experts in almost every area and they are more than willing to help you and answer questions you might have from how to, what to, books that can help or whatever you may need.  We also appreciate the help from all of you because we all have knowledge we can share and we all benefit from doing so.

Its a fun and laid back place with the largest collection  of real industry professionals under one roof.


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The Press Release I Didn’t Run

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  1. umm I dont even OWN a striped shirt

    despite what the photos here imply

    I do have some with fish guts on them…would that suffice?

  2. You forget two things:
    A. I’ve stayed at your place AND
    B. I snoop

    You had a whole drawer full of red and white striped turtle necks…right next to your yellow and white striped turtle necks. Sure I found the whole thing a tad freakish, but hey, whatever floats yer boat.

  3. Ooo, now I remember. You told me you bought all the red/white shirts when you were going through your “I want to be a mime” phase. Never panned out, eh?

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