Sasha Grey Scores A First

That’s the cover of the US Edition of Playboy Magazine for October 2010 and that’s Sasha Grey on the cover.

This is the first time that a porn chick has ever gotten the cover of Playboy.  A few Playmates and girls have gone from Playboy TO porn but in the past Playboy has eschewed porn girls as centerfolds or covers.

Congrats to Sasha Grey who continues to defy the odds and flirt with mainstream exposure.

Stay tuned here because I have another surprise coming from the new issue of Playboy!

41490cookie-checkSasha Grey Scores A First

Sasha Grey Scores A First

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2 Responses

  1. Looks like Hef has finally “jumped the shark”

    Playboy has been dying a slow death for some time now. This is noting more than a las ditch effort. Hef has jumped into the gutter that he tried to avoid for so long.

    Playboy is now dead, it is just a matter of how long they keep the corpse on life support. Another feather in the cap of Sasha Grey, the bullet that finally killed Playboy.

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