Imposter Posing As L A Direct

I got this from L.A. Direct.  everyone please note that any correspondence from @modelsdirectLA is NOT L.A. Direct.  LA Direct is working to have the account removed.



We have been made aware of an imposter twitter account, posing to be LA Direct Models, and messaging models.  The imposter account is @modelsdirectLA .  We would like everyone to know that this account is in no way affiliated with LA Direct Models, and please disregard any messages received from this account.  We are encouraging models to block this account.  We have had reports of the account messaging models, and wanting to meet them or offer them a contract.  At this time we are unsure of who is operating the fake account.  We are concerned about the safety of models who may be fooled into believing it is legitimate.  We have contacted Twitter in order to make an effort to have the imposter account closed.  LA Direct Models only has one real twitter account, which is @DirectModels  .  No other account is operated by LA Direct Models.   I’ve attached a screenshot of the account, though I can’t see any posts as his posts are not viewable unless you follow him.


Thank you


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Imposter Posing As L A Direct

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8 Responses

  1. Another foolish deadbeat in the porn business. Speaking of foolishness… what’s with Lisa Ann asking all her fans to donate $5 each so she can sue Jules Jordan?

  2. Lisa Ann, as a successful porn girl, is used to fans buying her stuff. Worship goes to your head; constant fluffy compliments, and most of all guys buying you stuff on your wish list or at feature dancing shows. So, why not ask the fans for this?

    Why pay for something when you can get someone else to pay for it? Although, it seems her go fund me got banned, but it was worth a try don’t you think? There are plenty of guys out there that will give money without even checking to see the other side of the story or if she even has a case; they think she is hot and love seeing her fuck, so they want to be the knights and save her. Yeah, the campaign was bogus, but she might as well try! It’s free money if it had of worked.

    If she truly is short on cash, she can just “become friends” with more young athletes and get some “friendship gifts” because they are so cool to hang out with. She would never ever escort of course; they are just friends who happen to give her presents 🙂

  3. Yup. A lot of these girls live in this odd little bubble where they’re just always told how perfect and right they are no matter what they do, and things are just bought for them, bills are paid, etc. You have all these losers on twitter who kiss their asses no matter how wrong, out of line, or unprofessional the girl is behaving. Its obnoxious that Lisa Ann feels the need to spout her mouth off to her fans on twitter every other month about business. If she was a true professional she would keep the shit to herself and just handle it.

    Pretty pathetic that she’s asking fans for money. Really a scummy move considering that she has done very well financially. She likely makes more money in a month than many of her fans do in an entire year, yet she wants $5 from them to help her cat fight with Jules.

  4. Any fanboy that buys gifts (or off their wish list) for their favorite porn star (who they don’t even personally know) has more money then brains.

  5. Any lawyer is going to ask you for 25k minimum to start a lawsuit… and lawsuits are very expensive for both sides, spending 50k on a lawsuit isn’t hard to do and would actually be relatively cheap.

  6. Seems like the law suits in the porn industry are keeping the attorneys in business first there’s Shy Love suing Mark at ATMLA, then there’s Dr. Miao suing his two former employees, then again Shy suing Barett Blade. Now its Lisa Ann suing Jules Jordan. What next the whole industry suing Manqeek. We could all be so lucky.

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