Alison Rey visits ‘And Now We Drink’ Podcast

Adult film star and director Alison Rey is the in-studio guest on the latest episode of Matt Slayer’s popular “And Now We Drink” podcast, now streaming.
“And Now We Drink” is like ”the conversation at the end of the bar” with your favorite comedians, musicians, writers, actors and adult performers. Episode 221 finds the versatile all-natural star in fine form, as she and Matt discuss everything from micro-management vs. delegation, her new directorial effort for AdultTime, “Between The Sheets with Alison Rey,” quantum theory vs. the “Quantum Leap” TV show, and much more.
The OnlyFans controversy, in which the company initially announced it would begin prohibiting explicit adult content, also enters the fascinating conversation, as the episode was recorded before the mega-platform reversed course.
“Alison was beyond charming during the recording our conversation and was an absolute blast,” show host Slayer raved. “I’m really hopeful that we can collaborate on some other projects in the near future.”
Rey said, “This podcast was particularly fun to be on, because far too often industry interviews all ask the same questions (that tend to come off as somewhat offensive). Rather than digging into my virginity or whether or not I watched porn growing up, we had conversation about my life and interests outside of my work. It was refreshing and provides a new perspective for the listener. Plus, he did get me a little tipsy, and that’s when the real Alison came out!”
Enjoy the entertaining 2-hour plus Episode 221 of “And Now We Drink” at the program’s official website:, or on these fine platforms:
The video version of the podcast is available via Slayer’s Patreon.
Keep up Alison Rey’s exploits on Twitter: @AlisonReyxxx, TikTok:L @alisonreyx, and her personal website,
Rey provides fans an unparalleled level of access via her premium OnlyFans.
Alison Rey is represented by ATMLA / @ATMLA.
Read about the latest news from the “And Now We Drink” show on Twitter: @AndNowWeDrink
Follow Matt Slayer on Twitter: @Matt_Slayer
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Alison Rey visits ‘And Now We Drink’ Podcast

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