When PornChicks Attack:

I couldn’t have made this one up

When War Horses Attack:

Two old war horses are having it out over something to do with AIM. Bill Margold, AIM’s founer and Mark Kernes (Sharon Mitchell’s lapdog) are going at it over something or other.

Now I have done battle with both these guys in the past, thought Kernes has been much more often, funny thing is I like them both, they are both passionate about what they believe, even when they are wrong….Both can argue effectively though Kernes is more likely to slip into name calling when you back him into a corner, and Margold is harder to back into a corner.

It is a whole different kind of fight than the one above.

Taking Aim At AIM:

Whatever the differences it is shameful what has become of AIM. It had the potential to be a world class facility. It certainly has what is likely the worlds best study group for STDs.

Of course what happened is that Sharon Mitchell’s vanity got in the way. You note here that I do not call her Phd or Dr. Or make the literary mistake that AVN always does by using both titles (Dr Sharon Mitchell, PhD),

Sharon is not a doctor or a Phd as my regular readers know. The school that sold her, her PhD is not really any different than me giving you a PhD in Pornography and Insensitivity and making you pay for it and write a few commentaries that I publish here. Actually that’s not true…I would hold you to higher standards.

And what happened when we did get an HIV Infection in the biz courtesy of Darren James/Laura Roxx? Sharon didn’t even know how to properly calculate the window of direct exposure missing the mark by 30 days, and I dont mean she err’d on the side of caution. She greenlighted people who had been directly exposed potentially. It’s a good thing that HIV is actually veryu hard to catch or a good portion of Porn Valley would be taking the eternal celestial dirt nap by now.

You haven’t heard too much out of AIM lately, plans to bring in a board of real doctors were either never followed through on or squashed by Mitchell. So whatever it is Kernes and Margold are arguing about is kinda like arguing over whether or not your retarded kid in special ed is smarter than all the other retarded kids in special ed.

At least, that’s the way I see it.


18500cookie-checkWhen PornChicks Attack:

When PornChicks Attack:

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