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Ever since Luke Ford first started posting porners real names there has been a lot of hoopla about this. Indeed on the surface it seems pretty strange that anyone would even care. Specially now days but they do.

It never much bothered me if anyone knew my real name (It’s Strother) and it’s a pretty simple thing to find out about any porn person really.

I recently posted my real phone number here and not one person abused it. I think by and large you guys (& gyrls) are normal everyday folks who just enjoy sex as something fun. I have never feared any of you, matter of fact I fear the people IN the biz a good deal more than I fear the fans. After all, the fans have never fucked me, Lots of porners have.

Which brings me to an issue that kinda bugged me this year. You see to get into the AVN Expo this year I had to give them a LOT of personal information, including my real name and an associated photo. Even my drivers license. Why do they need this? Is it to keep a handfull of people from sharing badges?

I am reminded of the whole Acacia thing from last year, there was very strong evidence that AVN or someone at AVN leaked registration info from Internext to Acacia. What might they do with all this personal information they have collected on me?

You might think nothing but is it a stretch to believe it could.would be shared with AIM? Then what might AIM do with it? That’s just one possibility. The others are equally or more frightening.

Do any of you know how greatly simplified it would be to steal your identity with this info? In case you have been asleep the last few years identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country and it has reached epidemic proportions.

Just a little something for you to think about.

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Real Names, Real Phone Numbers and Real Photos:

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