AHF Now Moving On Statewide Condom Law.

I got a tip that AHF is on the move:

AHF is preparing for their next political campaign. With the shot of confidence from the big win with Meausre B, AHF is now looking to go statewide with the help of 64th district State Assemblyman Isador Hall,lll. Mr, Hall represents a district that voted 79% in favor of Measure B. For a very long time AHF has been attempting to get any state legislator to bring a bill to the floor of the state assembly but has not been able to find a legislator willing to take the risk of appearing to support the adult industry. But with 79% of his constituents voting in favor of Measure B, it did not take long to convince this legislator that bringing a bill to the state assembly would not be political suicide for him, in fact, Mr. Hall can tell his constituents come re-election time that he was following their lead, and he listens and respects the people that he represents. And seeing how the FSC is claiming that the county does not have proper jurisdiction, this statewide law will take care of that.

And don’t think that AHF is putting all their eggs in this one basket. After seeing the dismal excuse for a campaign run by the FSC, and James Lee, and the paltry sum of money the adult industry was able to raise in their so called campaign, (Twitter and Facebook) the AHF will also be preparing a state wide initiative for the voters of California. AHF now knows that the adult industry will never be able to raise enough money to mount a statewide campaign, while the coffers at AHF are fuller than they have ever been. the myth that the adult industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise is a thing of the past, and AHF knows this. The only regret the AHF has now is that they did not go for the state wide initiative right from the start, and save themselves a few bucks.

But no matter how any of these elections, or appeals play out in the long run it really doesn’t matter. OSHA regulations still rule the day, and nothing has changed that. Even this appeal of Meaure B is much ado about nothing, OSHA regulations are still in full effect, just ask the guys at Streamray Productions.

71970cookie-checkAHF Now Moving On Statewide Condom Law.

AHF Now Moving On Statewide Condom Law.

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  1. As soon FSC fails in law suite stop AHF from make Meaure B from being implement in Los Angeles . I am sure well see AHF pushing for Meaure B statewide becuase that well be biggiest blow porn indusrty on this issue. Way stay California been of late I do not see them dismiss measure be over any thing coverd buy first amendment as FSC think does. If look how state California treat your rights on second amendment you know frist amendment in that state all most means nothing. With use goverment in mood pass all kinds stupid law safe us from are selfs I could see them pass Measure B counrtywide. The porn inusdrty makes we weak argument on issue policing self special after Mr. Marcus Syphilis event took place which still events not very old. Becuase how badly that event was handle good reason AHF feel can go statewide in California with Measure B than counrtywide with Measure B.

  2. I knew this was coming. AHF does not want anyone to make porn in CA without a condom. Then they will go for every state and look for a national law.

  3. Way to go, AHF!!! No company in America has the right to put their employees in harms way for profits sake, period! Porn performers fighting against mandatory condoms seems akin to ancient roman gladiators arguing for the right to fight to the death (because their handlers make more money that way).
    Girls, please hear me out… DO IT YOURSELF! Do not sell your video soul to a company that cares so little about your health that they’d move out of state in order to keep you infected with STD’s!
    Every one of you have a high def camera in your damned phone, for petes sake! Grab someone who can run a website and DO IT YOURSELF! Post some footage to a free site to promote yours, but don’t give the goods away forever for one small fee!!!

  4. Porn companies threaten to go underground, where it will even be worse for performers if Measure B is upheld. Thats a great argument that i am sure will hold up ic court, “If you enforce this law we will just find other ways to break that law and make it more dangerous for our performers.” Way to go FSC, thats a great argument.

    But in the same breath the FSC will tell you that performer safety is a priority in the industry.LOL, Hey Dianne, what is the industry and APHSS protocol regarding Hep C? You better come up with something quick because you are going to be asked this question.

  5. You guys make it seem like the porn industry will just keep going on with no loss of income if everyone wears condoms. Reports say over 80% of porn consumers won’t purchase condom only porn.

    Its kinda like the NFL switching to touch football and expecting no loss of revenue. I’m not saying you aren’t right (its safer for the talent) but you guys are acting like no one is gonna lose any money here.

  6. Profits over safety is not the answer, Karmafan. If they lose money, then they may just have to make a better product and stop blaming a piece of latex as the problem. And if the new group of male talent cannot perform with a condom, then they shouldn’t be doing the job anyway. This is the twenty-first century. Gladiators should not be allowed to fight to the death nowadays, eh?

  7. With regard to the industry going underground, that is a threat but it is not a legal argument. It’s a little like the NRA’s argument against mandatory background checks. What’s the point, since criminals won’t submit to them and will just find an illegal way to get guns. Which is a little like saying, why have a speed limit since some drivers will always go faster or why make drunk driving illegal, since some people will always drive while drunk. All of the above may be true, but they’re not legal arguments.

    Mike is right on point when he says that OSHA will rule the day. There is no First Amendment Right to put your employees at risk of contracting a disease. The First Amendment does put limits on commercial speech and there are limits to artistic freedom. The producer and director of an action movie cannot require stunt people to work without some form of protective gear just so they can realize their vision. They can’t force an actor to get a broken arm just because the script calls for the fictional character to break his or her arm. Porn is real – there is no faking double anal, ATM, douple penetration etc. Those are real cocks going into real orifices. An actress can say, hey, I’m willing to do that to help you realize your artistic vision. However, like a stunt person, the director cannot force her to do it without protection against the possible harm that can result from the act – in this case, some kind of STD.

    There is no First Amendment right to pass on an infectious disease.

  8. 80% of porn consumers won’t purchase condom only porn, which really means condom porn shot in LA. Boo-freaking-hoo. Now for a reality check… Japan’s porn market is huge and they censor the kibbles and bits. France is condom only porn. Wicked is a condom only company. Everyone will be OK. And if they are not, they had a gun run. I hear PornHub is hiring.

  9. “80% of porn consumers won’t purchase condom only porn” Thats a guess, most of the huge sites have some condom scenes and it doesnt drive them out of business. If heath means nothing and it just consumer wants.So does that mean if the porn consumer want the girls legs broken after the cum shot well that’s what we got to do?

  10. The battle over this issue was lost when major players in porn indusrty did nothing about issue at time they could have when frist came about. Porn indusrty old argument how go great lengths safe gaurd porn stars work in indusrty back fire on them over event took place with Mr Marcus Syphilis event. The way FSC handle matter one big reasons porn indusrty going find self in condoms. There all,s fact way state California been acting of late you could very well see condoms state wide.

  11. Looks like Mike had the scoop again. Any more info from this source Mike? This looks like it will get very interesting. I will need a large popcorn and cherry soda to watch this on unfold.

  12. Want a spare commemorative cartoon popcorn bucket?

    Mike may or may not still have an email I sent him saying 2013 is a GAME-CHANGER for porn. 2015 is a new season in the Bad News Bears vs ‘organized regulation’ with both sides gearing up for spring training 😉 btw commemorative bucket is reusable and very handy for unscripted drama….even has a lid to keep popcorn fresh for extra innings.

  13. Comparing Roman gladiators to 21st century porn performers is not exactly a good comparison. If my freshman history class professor and my memory of that class is correct (it was decades ago) one person died at every Roman gladiator match. The chances of a porn chickie dying from performing even without a condom are almost nil even if she were to get HIV on set which the chance of that with current testing protocol and policy are almost remote — even if all of the reported HIV cases from straight porn since 1998 were from on-set exposure — which is certainly not the case but for the sake of argument let’s assume otherwise — the chance of getting HIV would be about 15 cases in 250K plus scenes (.00006%). Even with my outlandish assumption above literally the town prude has a higher chance of getting HIV from sex than a porn performer. Coming back to reality and adjusting my assumption above down to the actual number which may be five or six the realistic chances of catching HIV on set are so low that it isn’t even worth talking about, certainly not legislating about. Nick, the AHF is using people like you to help them implement their real goal — to ban all porn production, first in CA then eventually country-wide. A condom mandate is just the first attempt. If they get what they want here and it does not completely stop the production of porn in first CA and then the country, next it will be a complete ban on all sexual contact for filming unless the performers are married to each other — using the excuse that condoms break and aren’t complete protection against HIV. Weinstein and Izzy are conservatives who believe sex is only for procreation and want to force their views on the country. Weinstein wants this because HIV in porn (it doesn’t matter that it likely wasn’t an on-set infection) costed his charity a million dollars that he would have liked to pocket for himself (which is really what AHF is all about, filling Weinstein’s pocket), he is also afraid it will cost him additional millions of dollars in the future. Izzy is a Baptist minister that wants to force Christian sexual values as he sees them on the country. Even the Pope and the Catholic Dioceases in CA don’t support this bill publicly and they certainly believe sex is only for procreation. Wake up and smell the cappuchino, everyone — or should I say the rotten fish and eggs coming from the direction of the nearest AHF office!

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