Kayden Kross – Dana Vespoli Collaboration ‘Boxed’ Debuts at Deeper.com

‘Boxed, the superstar collaboration between adult filmmakers Kayden Kross and Dana Vespoli, is now available in digital release exclusively at Deeper.com.

The explosive blow-by-blow action showcases a knockout performance from leading lady Haley Reed as she gets on the ropes and goes below the belt  – including an intense double-vag.

Kayden Kross - Dana Vespoli Collaboration 'Boxed' Debuts at Deeper.com

“This is one Dana and I have been wanting to do for a while, and I couldn’t be happier with the results,” said Kross of the heavyweight pairing between her and Vespoli. “We brought in some career fighters to get the movement right, and got really lucky with the chemistry on our casting.

“Haley was so turned on by the dynamic that she spontaneously made it a double-vag scene in the middle of filming the hardcore,” added Kross. “I love how present and raw everything about this one feels. This became one of my favorite scenes of the year before I even saw the edit.”

Vespoli, who has been training daily as a boxer for years and is featured in the opening sparring opposite another professional fighter, said, “Kayden has consistently delivered films with nuanced narratives uncommon in the adult industry that have proven to be incredibly successful both in terms of sales and critical acclaim. The performers in “Boxed” brought so much to the table with their passion and enthusiasm—I cannot wait for everyone to see it.”

Kayden Kross - Dana Vespoli Collaboration 'Boxed' Debuts at Deeper.com

Deeper.com is a new venture from TRENCHCOATx founder and filmmaker Kayden Kross that launched in April 2019 as part of Greg Lansky’s Vixen Media Group. The award-winning director writes, produces, and often performs in the provocative scenes that make Deeper one of the most captivating new studio debuts in years.

For more information about Kayden Kross and Deeper visit Deeper.com and follow on social at

536320cookie-checkKayden Kross – Dana Vespoli Collaboration ‘Boxed’ Debuts at Deeper.com

Kayden Kross – Dana Vespoli Collaboration ‘Boxed’ Debuts at Deeper.com

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6 Responses

  1. I wish Kayden and Dana well. However, what is it with Haley having those tattoos on her thighs? Those are what I like to call $200K tattoos — that is what they will cost her in lost work. Other than the tattoos she could have had a decent career, although she isn’t stunningly beautiful she could have had a decent amount of second tier vignette and light feature work. I am surprised Greg Lansky (for the most part a first tier producer) allowed Kayden to cast Haley with the (frankly) ugly tattoo work on her thighs. As she is now, other than this role she will likely be stuck with mainly third tier film roles (nothing wrong with performers accepting third tier roles , preferably only if she really enjoys gangbangs but the work is a lot harder on the body and the pay is not much more than a feature or high class gonzo). If a woman has the option of a $900 New Sensations or Wicked job with some dialogue and fucking one guy or girl or $1200 (if that) for a DogFart five BBC gonzo gangbang which one would you take? I think most would take the easier and more fulfilling role at New Sensations or Wicked (I know I am male but I can’t imagine being able to do a five woman gangbang with me as the gangbangee). If Haley happens to be kinky Kink and Insex might cast her but she has to truly swing that way to make those roles work (Casey Calvert, London River and Stephie Starr are the best current examples of performers that are extremely kinky), as for other companies 85% of them will either not be able to use Haley at all or only use her for limited roles (maybe a criminal or a biker chick).

  2. M, I actually think she is gorgeous. She is actually one of my favorites. I actually enjoy Deeper. The content is fun. I like Lansky’s sites. Good production and gorgeous girls.

    I don’t love the kink stuff. I am not a BDSM person so I find it really boring. IDK I really like Haley Reed. Alexa Grace, Elena Koshka and Haley are three of my favorite white girls.

  3. No girl on the planet looks better with tattoos then without. All they do is nerf the porn girls career. Sure some girls like Holly Hendrix are making money but they could be earning a lot more.

  4. Blue, my comment was about Haley, not a derisive diatribe on Deeper as a whole. Most of Greg Lansky’s sites are classy (I don’t know about Blacked but he does have to make a living and that involves attracting a wide variety of fans to at least one of his websites) and Greg seems to have a decent amount of class (even though he looks weird). Deeper likely also usually skews on the classier side of porn and with his reputation I was surprised that he allowed anyone with tattoos like Haley has on her thighs to be cast. On the back, sure. On the upper arms or ankle, maybe. On her thighs, WTF was she thinking? Of course, many are getting tattoos before they even know that porn exists and you can’t take things you don’t know you would like to do because you don’t know about them into account before making a bad decision at 16 or 17.

  5. I happen to like tattoos on porn chicks. they used to be rebels and now they look like the valedictorian of their high schools. Plus, tattoos can be easily removed now. A lot of porn chicks are doing it.

  6. Blue, the valedictorian of my high school class was a less than attractive, Mexican chick from a dirt poor family that no one knew was doing that well in school before graduation (word had it that even she had no idea her grades were that high and was shocked when she was given the honor, we had weighted classes so having over a 4.0 GPA wasn’t unusual). I don’t have anything against Mexican chicks (some are actually hot, just not her) but their stereotype back then wasn’t as valedictorians. She didn’t have tattoos (no one but military men had tattoos back then) but I guess this shows that valedictorians weren’t always the hot white chicks even way back then.

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