Stuff Trickling In From AEE

The show is about half the size it was last year, I was told by one of my sources, citing that the business to business section is now a part of the same floor area.   The overall size is less than a quarter what it was in it’s heyday.

It has been moved bac to coincide with CES to try and capitalize on some of that traffic, but with porn companies hurting many of the companies simply cant even afford to exhibit.

My friend tells me he is getting big name gonzo girls doing boy/girl for 300 dollars and no more than 500.  “These girls have bills to pay, they have to work, They will take whatever you can get them.”

Should have some pics coming in soon as well.

31210cookie-checkStuff Trickling In From AEE

Stuff Trickling In From AEE

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  1. $300 for a boy/girl scene? That shows that times have changed. BTW, what company was that person from? I thought even a first-timer with no reputation was getting $500 plus from most small companies for a b/g scene until recently.

    On a different note, that makes it easier to get quality girls for small operators such as yourself, Mike. The difference between $300 and $500 or $600 is another scene in each of your movies or on your website.

  2. oh ya no doubt but my sites are known for real amateurs so I keep the porn chicks to a minimum…I was just shocked at the names that are available for 300-500

  3. Doesn’t the price of porn talent affect even the amateur market, Mike? To me it should to some degree — not long ago even “amateur” performers were getting $300 plus a scene for b/g from many producers. I do pay attention when people in the biz talk about how much they pay talent. Now you can tell her “Big names with a reputation and fan base (and guaranteed sales) make $500, I am taking a chance with you instead rather than pay for a reputation and a fan base. I am also giving you the opportunity to establish yourself in the industry and putting your foot in the door with other producers if you do well, so I think $250 is reasonable in this instance.”

  4. In post 4 I meant $500 plus, depending on the location and the quality of girl.

    I don’t see a way to correct once posted, unfortunately — necessitating another post for correction.

  5. mh-

    Yes it affects the first timers and such but the real amateurs such as most of mine….not really. I pay at the high end of the L.A. market now it seems, but the girls I shoot aren’t usually interested in being pornstars, they do it for fun mostly, and of course some extra cash but very few want to go any further.

    With most of these girls it isnt about the money only, its also the thrill.

  6. The LA market is not 300-500/girl for a b/g scene. Yeah, some people might haggle, bullshit, or lie their way into that price if the desperation factor or moron factor (for the girl) is strong enough but there’s plenty of girls still getting 800-1000 (a few getting more) for a b/g scene. Let’s keep putting more bullshit like this out there so everyone can think they can book most any porn chick, leastwise in LA, for peanuts.

  7. P.S. It might be about “the thrill” for some girls out there in the world but, in LA, it’s about the dough. Jeez. Do i have to “nigga pleez!” you?

  8. Hey that’s why I dont shoot in LA. Porn just aint all that fun when its all about the dough.

    But I get agents emailing me daily from L.A. offering gonzo girls for 500/scene so I suspect it’s at least pretty damn close.

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