Pornchick Flu is VERY Contagious:

BIOHAZARD Frontman Hospitalized, Undergoing Tests For Mystery Illness

BIOHAZARD bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld, who also stars in the HBO prison drama “Oz”, has been hospitalized and is undergoing tests for a sudden and as-yet-undetermined illness, according to a source close to the band. As a result, the group have officially dropped off of their current U.S. tour with KITTIE and EIGHTEEN VISIONS. It is reportedly the first tour the band have canceled in their 15-year history.

Ya know it happens every year…everyone who goes to Adult Expo gets home and gets the flu….course most of us just shake it off after a day or two and move on with life…but who knows maybe he is REALLY sick. All I know is I lost a bet cuz of this….I bet that Tera and Evan wouldn’t outlast his current tour, which started only 5 days ago (Tues I think) so if the two little twits are still together I lost a dinner at The Grand Lux next Adult Expo.


6840cookie-checkPornchick Flu is VERY Contagious:

Pornchick Flu is VERY Contagious:

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