Holy smokes! Is Lana Rhoades @lanarhoades really pregnant?

Fans paying attention to Lana’s Twitter the other day might have been surprised by a photo Lana Rhoades posted from Sexpo Australia.

The Porn megastar has garnered an incredible number of Instagram followers, totaling over 16 Million, thus, so far.  Her YouTube subscribers are off the charts. Quite an amazing accomplishment considering, she has not done that many adult scenes. Hats off to the successful social media superstar. The adult actress has amassed an astonishing number of fans. In a relatively short period of time, the practical joker adult star has done it again. Who does not love Lana Rhoades.

Few Knew Lana Rhoades loves Practical jokes. Is she pregnant?

Turns out the answer is no. Lana Rhoades although funny and caused quite a stir, they weren’t legit – just something Lana thought was fun and totally different.

If however, you were to look at the rest of the pics from her time last week in Australia, you’ll see she has a flat stomach. Below are pics from the same time period. She also live-streamed from the event, during which time she had the same sexy body you see below.

The Incredible social media Icon

Who would have thought Lana would have 16 million followers? Hollywood definitely welcomed her, The product endorsements alone she post for, racked up some serious revenues for the former adult starlet. Congrats dear friend.

So turns out she was having just a little bit of silly fun with her fans down under. All in good fun. Looking forward to much more of Lana Rhoades.




270990cookie-checkHoly smokes! Is Lana Rhoades @lanarhoades really pregnant?

Holy smokes! Is Lana Rhoades @lanarhoades really pregnant?

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16 Responses

  1. I would say congratulations if Lana were actually knocked up. As it is, I don’t know whether to laugh or tell her to knock it off. If Lana were actually pregnant the father could be any of at least 10 male performers plus any off-set partners she may have. Determining who the sperm donor is would be one hell of a nightmare worthy of the Maury Povich show. Instead of having two or three couples and maybe five total involved that day Lana’s paternity tests would be of 10-15 possible baby daddies (assuming she doesn’t “escort” — if that is involved the number of baby daddies could easily hit 30) and take up two shows.

    Speaking of paternity, I wonder what male performer fathered Karla Kush’s little bundle of porn baby. She performed multiple scenes each week right up to her pregnancy announcement (to my knowledge she hasn’t made a public claim as to the sperm donor or whether she has even had paternity testing done — without that testing she can’t even begin to have an idea as to who fathered her little bundle of porno baby). I hope the baby daddy is Evan Stone, he is hilarious as hell and from what I have seen fun to be around. I think Evan would make a great baby daddy and having Katie Morgan as a step-mommy would be interesting. Steven St. Croix left the industry about the time Karla got knocked up, maybe the baby daddy is Steven and he GTFO because he fathered Karla’s baby (and got himself 18 years of child support payments which may or may not end up being State Fund’s responsibility via the producer’s required workman’s comp policy) and because of the possibility of knocking up other performers and paying out that much more in child support. I hope the daddy isn’t Xander Corvus — that is one scary dude.

  2. Mick Blue is the scary looking one. That dude looks like he keeps kidnapped women in a box in his basement.

  3. Mick doesn’t come across as scary to me. He is from somewhere in Central Europe, I think it is just his accent and being foreign that makes him scary to some. Xander is rumored to be a Satanist and just comes across as very weird to me. Jacky St. James likes him so he can’t be too bad but he just comes across as weird and scary to me.

  4. Don’t get all this preggo shit girls b tweeting lately. I’m always seeing put a baby in me shit on twitter. Why? Is this a new thing I just don’t get?

  5. Porn stars probably should not have kids anyways. You put a life long anchor around the kids neck that the kid can never get off.

  6. I don’t know where the “get me preggo” trend started on social media but to me, I would think it would turn men off. But I’m older. Maybe it’s just my generation that men didn’t want to be getting girls pregnant. Maybe with the younger men, they are all into that whole call me daddy thing so what the heck do I know?

  7. The girls are probably looking for a legally obligated sugar daddy (i. e. required to pay child support). I know I don’t want to knock some chick I barely know up. Fortunately I know how to use a condom. Of course in Karla Kush’s case there are probably 10 or more possible baby daddies so she may never know who her kid’s father really is (or the kid will look like Evan Stone, Steven St. Croix, James Deen, Xander Corvus, etc. when he/she turns 18). I am not knocking on Karla but pregnancy is a hazard of the adult film industry and she was working multiple times each week. Even if she can pin down conception to a 26-28 day period that leaves 10 or more possible sperm donors (and that assumes she has a reliable menstrual cycle — in some women it can be 60 or even 90 days between period — that could bring the number of possible sperm donors into the stratosphere). If she escorts that could be up to 30 (assuming a reliable 26-28 day menstrual cycle) and she probably wouldn’t know the john’s real name to track him down for child support (if she even cares to, as long as she doesn’t need welfare benefits she doesn’t have to even try to pin a father on her baby). I am just thankful she didn’t kill (aka abort) the kid. It is sad to say but in this society a woman going ahead and birthing the child conceived in this situation deserves a medal and a $100K check from some pro-life group. Too many people just kill the kid and call it a day (women in the US legally kill a fetus about 650K times each year according to Google who obtained the data from the CDC).

  8. But how many of those scenes were creampies? Realistically, the risk of pregnancy from sex without internal ejaculation is very low. Narrow the list of potential on camera sperm donors to those who completed the sex act in its original form. I don’t have the inclination to do this research, but another party might. Regardless, I would love that episode of day time television.

  9. Pregnancy without a full internal pop is not common but it does happen. A woman can get knocked up from what is commonly called pre-cum that comes out of the dick in small quantities all throughout penetrative sex. Therefore everyone Karla fucked within four weeks in either direction of her estimated conception date is potentially the father of her kid — and that assumes she has a normal menstrual cycle when not pregnant. In some women that can be up to 90 days before and at least three weeks after the estimated conception date. If she were applying for welfare in Michigan (which she is not — evidently she didn’t use Medicaid to pay for the pregnancy but it is a stroke of almost either pure luck or that there is a God that she didn’t need to, California has equivalent Medicaid benefits under their MediCal program) the policy is anyone that fucked her within 90 days before and up to 90 days after the estimated conception date would be required to submit to a state-paid pregnancy test to determine paternity. If no one pops positive in those tests as the father, she would go to prison for welfare fraud. I don’t know what California’s policy is but by federal law they have to attempt to find the father to bill for any Medicaid or cash welfare bills relating to a pregnancy (Medicaid and cash welfare benefits are majority funded federally in most states including California).

  10. If the baby ends up being biracial that should cut down on the number of possible fathers it could be.

  11. Guys, she’s not really pregnant. The article even says “So turns out she was having just a little bit of silly fun with her fans down under.”

  12. Lana the feces eater. Her spelling is at the level of a third grader with special needs. Looks positively absurd with that grotesque ass, lips, and tits. What a tragedy.

    Anyone know when her quadruple anal scene is dropping? What about the one where she takes a potted plant in her ass?

  13. What did Lana do to you, Hop? If I recall this is the second Lana article where you commented with an insult toward her. I do have to give it to you, though. I am pretty blunt and crude myself but I haven’t called anyone a feces eater (which along with your comment about her spelling makes your comment the equivalent of calling her a retard of which she is not — really classy of you) or commented about women getting fucked up the ass with a potted plant. Hell, you may as well make it a marijuana plant while you are at it and go for the trifecta, calling her a drug pusher as well. Please note that I don’t think Lana is retarded, a drug pusher or do I think she will ever do quadruple anal or be fucked up the ass by a potted marijuana plant.

    As for Lana’s lips, I feel sorry for her that she was saddled with them. God must have a screwed up sense of humor. However, she seems to be doing OK in porn — even not being fucked by potted plants or taking four dicks up her ass at the same time — so they can’t be as grotesque as you claim.

  14. Matthew Harris: her spelling speaks for itself and tells the bigger story that her intelligence is quite limited. I never said “retarded” (I don’t use that word but obviously you’re OK with throwing it around). Second, God didn’t “saddle” her with those lips; those are injections, fool. Third, on her adt thread she was very open about eating the feces of her partner(s).

    Just another example of interjecting yourself into a topic you know nothing about for the sole intent of interjecting yourself into a topic.

  15. I haven’t been on ADT in years but if she really said that then she has a few screws loose in her head. Who the fuck eats shit? The “feces eater” plus the third grade spelling comment usually translates into calling someone a retard without using that word. How the fuck is anyone else reading to know that she is the one person in all of California that eats shit (I would also have liked a front row seat to Stephie Black’s reaction to that comment). As for lip injections, what the fuck doctor does them to the point where her lips are bigger than her eyeballs? If that is true she needs to find another lip doctor, the one she has is fucking up royally! I was trying to be nice about it but now I doubly feel sorry for Lana and her lips. I hope the excessive whatever docs use to plump up lips injections is reversable. Where the hell you got the idea that she would fuck a “potted plant” I don’t fucking know — no director currently making adult films would even go there — I doubt Khan Tusion would have even gone there! I would love to see Jacky St. James’ response to a scene request with fucking using potted plants or eating shit. I wouldn’t love to have to clean up her puke after the latter, though. Quadruple anal likely isn’t on any sane director’s list of acceptable sex acts, either.

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