Steve Hirsch and Spencer Pratt Playing TMZ and RadarOnline

My sources are telling me that is whole Heidi Montag sex tape thing is much ado about nothing.

There is a girl girl scene but there are no boy girl tapes. Spencer Pratt wasn’t in Costa Rica and Steve Hirsch damn sure wasn’t going there to meet with him.

This whole thing was cooked up to simply play TMZ and RadarOnline for free publicity for Vivid and for Heidi’s upcoming reality show, and they bit…hook, line and sinker.

There never was a 5 million dollar offer because there never was a sex tape, other than the aforementioned girl/girler which isn’t worth much of anything.

Hirsch should remember the story about the little boy who cried wolf. I’m still trying to figure if Spencer Pratt played Hirsch or if the both teamed up and played TMZ.

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