Christy Canyon Talks About Rob Black

I am promoting this comment to a post because Christy Canyon has certainly earned the right to have her voice heard.  Whether i agree with her or not isn’t the point.  Im glad she took the time to respond.  Welcome Christy

Har d har har!! Rob Black pulling out any tid bit he can muster up on Steve Hirsch-truth or total whacked out of his brain.

Steve has more integrity in his pinky finger than any other man I know, so if he borrowed money to start Vivid in the 80?s, I’m sure it was paid back 100 fold.

The last time I met a blogger who bashed Steve was Luke Ford on my playboy radio show a year and a half ago. I Asked him why he was such a vicious liar. He answered on air he wanted publicity, recognition and attention and what better way than to go after best the biggest; Steve.  He, like Rob must have daddy issues. He also said years later he felt bad for being such a scumbag liar. So good luck with your new blogging venture Rob but don’t ever think the big fish cares about the pond scum in this universe.

You were so much nicer in the 90?s. At least Max Hardcore came out of the pokey a better man. You use to say, when we had dinner w Tim and Lizzy, one day you wanted to be as rich and powerful as Steve Hirsch. Yakking on about wanting a Lamborgini or some shit. With this sassy little attitude I can’t foresee that ever happening. Your motto must be if you can’t beat him, lie about him. Hummmmmm Best to your truly beautiful wife.
Christy Canyon
PS you are correct Mike, Rob hasn’t flunked out of porn, just flunked in being a human being. The sad thing is, I remember the pre jaded Rob and thought he was awesome not to mention cute. Greed and jealousy were not kind to him.

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  1. Nick East

    What I would really like to know is why nobody is talking about the 800 pound gorilla sitting right smack dab in the middle of the room here?
    NONE of this bullshit would be happening if people still paid for porn, period! Want to see Christy Canyon in a movie? Just go to blah blah blah dot com and type her name in the search engine. Have fun! It won’t cost you a dime, and it’s not like you’re going to click on any of the ads anyway, right?
    Lets try this analogy, okay? Let’s say marijuana were legalized and I made my living selling it. If someone came into my territory and continually passed out pounds and pounds of free really good weed,,, HOW WOULD I BE ABLE TO MAKE A LIVING? Believe me, I’m no genius in business, but even I can see the logic in the premise that if free porn doesn’t go away, all of the current porn companies most certainly will.
    Quick true story time, folks.
    Rupert Murdoch wanted to buy Directv. So when ‘somebody’ started giving it away for free, people quit paying Directv for their programing. Once Directv was DEVALUED enough, R.M. swooped in and bought it for a good price. Immediately after the paperwork was signed, all of the illegal Directv boxes STOPPED working. Since the people who were getting it for free already had the equipment and knew the channels, they resumed paying for their programming, and Directv was once again profitable.
    The end
    What was the moral of this story?
    Whoever is giving porn away for free is the same company that is going to buy all of the remaining companies, develop a monopoly, and turn off the free porn sites forever. The adulf film industry can stop this illegal coup if they come together, find out who’s behind the free porn, and sue them out of existence. Airing each other’s dirty laundry won’t help us at all.
    Much love!

  2. richard373

    Rob Black you think learn from Jim Carry who made vidoe that pissed off ever gun owner in world off with his little rant. But you step up plate on your radio show made even more incoherent rants againt people that think your irevalnt in there opion. Gene Ross is your biggiest cheer leader which no suprise sent he once work for you. Rob your ego is bigger than your cock like your cock just worthless has no meaning like you. Your pretty wife end up in jail becuase of you which did nothing for her Rob. Your ex porn company Extreme Associates was trend maker in porn it was joke which ever one in porn laughs at to this day. Brandon Iron alleges that Rob Black asked him to direct Slap Happy 5 when he had not paid him for any of the previous four films.Iron also alleges that Extreme has often knowingly paid performers with bad cheques, and often pays performers late. He also criticizes the allegation on Extreme’s website that Jewel De’Nyle’s father committed incest, and alleges that Extreme evades tax by paying retailers and distributors cash in hand. President of Adult Video News Paul Fishbein has said EA produces “horrible, unwatchable, disgusting, aberrant movies. Rob your ex porn company was trend seter at this actives Rob . Rob past you look through rose color glass is so easy look up find on internet. Rob people work for company like Jewel De’Nyle do not seem remember fondly working for your company. Infact they said you where biggiest lieing cheap skate in porn that book them in motel 6 ever time Avn trade show came Las Vegas make pay for there room well there friends at othere porn companys would stay Bellagio get room comp for being there. There fact Rob when show up any porn trade show Rob you treat porn star like shit so much not pay them be there that refuse go. Rob lets be truthful why use porn scabs in your movies frist all top porn stars refuse work with assholes hard get turn buy them. Alot top porn star these day want get pain in money not checks bounce high helium balloon. Top porn stars these days not big drug alcohol abusers these days so not gone be hang round your porn sets. Second top talent agencys well never send you top porn star becuase of you history of bounces check Rob. That why you had start your owen talent agencys which I hear doing very well find porn scabs be part of. It so enjoy able going down Rob past it so colorful.

  3. Nick East

    I am not Al Gore talking about manbearpig (South Park reference). Devalue an entire industry by giving their product away for free, buy their lobby union to redirect attention to stupid subjects like condoms instead of fighting for what is REALLY draining their profits… FREE PORN! Hell, I was watching a Seth McFarlaine cartoon and a joke on the show was… “that was back when you had to pay for porn” or something like that.
    Anyway, once they’re fighting each other (Rob Black) because they’re not making any money, you offer to buy their company for a pittance and they sell! Once you’ve cornered the entire market, you turn off the free porn faucet and rake in profits that will make even the oil industry jealous!

  4. RiccoMarin

    He sounds like DicPiscini Bragging about doing all this porn work for free in LA and then he claims he driving a Lamborgini and then he at the Check cashing store in Van Nuys the other night asking for a
    $200 loan to pay some driver to run his whores?? around that night.

    People in LA suck ass and sure put on a typical Phony show there.

  5. richard373

    4/8/2013 17:52 PM PST
    Rob Black to Christy Canyon: You Hung Out With Guys Who Shook Down the Business

    Every time bloggers like Mike South open their mouths, they prove they know dick about the porn industry. I could have told the story about Christy Canyon and Tommy Sinopoli [I almost came to blows with Sinopoli at Butchie Peraino’s studio on one occasion], but I figured the pleasure would be all Rob Black’s.

    Black explained how he was smoking his medicine this weekend when Tom Byron showed him an email from Christy Canyon. Byron told Black to read what she said.

    “I’m sitting down and I read it. I’m, like, so? First off Christy is a 30 year veteran give or take. Christy can say what she wants. I have no problem with that. The problem I had was she wasn’t personal enough. I’m going to elaborate more on that. She opened this huge door.”

    Black talked about six degrees of separation where everyone’s connected in some way especially in porn.

    “Christy you didn’t go personal enough. ‘Rob is so jealous.’ I can’t argue with you, you’re a beautiful woman. I can’t attack you. There’s nothing to attack. But I got to think you were protecting your boss. I do think is still owned by Vivid and that would show bias.”

    “Come on Christy, I have a thing for all the old timers. There was a time when I was even nice to Amber Lynn for a fucking month.”

    Black then brought up IVD, which is owned by Frank Koretsky, noting that in any other industry IVD has an anti-trust monopoly. Black used to do the buying for his father’s bookstore and would deal with IVD.

    Black would attend the IVD open houses as a buyer. He recalled when Mike Savage set up a blowjob from a porn star of which Black partook.

    “I think I blew a load in someone’s office,” said Black.

    “I did the whole warehouse-thing it was awesome. They sent me back to the airport in a limousine, and there’s these two hot chicks in the limousine. The one girl I used to jack off to when I was 12. But she never took a load in the face. The other little chick was like this Pamela Anderson.”

    Black introduced himself and told them he was going to make movies like his father.

    “The little girl was Jenna Jameson and the other was Christy Canyon. We get to the airport and we all get out.”

    Black wound up spending some time with Canyon and they talked. Then she got on her plane and he went back to Rochester. He was so enthralled that he met Christy Canyon.

    Years later, Black was in LA and remembered going on a set that Jameson was on.

    “I just got my job with Elegant and Jenna was sitting in the makeup chair. We go, ‘Heh, we were in a limo together.’ So then Christy- I never knew- how Christy Canyon affected my life in six degrees of separation.”

    Black recalled how he was ten playing in the yard when federal agents busted his father’s door down. His mother was making lemonade and cheese with crackers and sandwiches.

    “There I am playing with my toys. I go outside to play again, then the door kicks open with the glass shattering everywhere. I don’t even know what the fuck is going on. Like 25 federal agents stormed in. They grab me. It’s pandemonium. While this is happening, simultaneously my grandparents mobile home in Miami was also being raided. This was serious heavy shit where the Feds hit targets all at once.”

    Black said his uncle Chuck’s home got hit as well.

    “It was a 100 man task force. My dad was in Las Vegas at the Tyson fight. My mom is going what the hell is going on. They whip out the arrest warrants, all these things for pandering, for making Backside to the Future. They shot in Malibu Hills. Jim South was hit. Stacy Donovan was a corroborating witness. This was an elaborate sting. You had rats. Stacy Donovan was a rat. There’s my mom with this huge indictment.”

    “Did my father hang out with mobsters in Rochester? Maybe. I don’t know. But these papers say my dad’s been under investigation for a year. It talked about witnesses- Stacy Donovan and cocaine on the set.”

    Black said his parents almost divorced on another occasion and were considering it again after this incident.

    Black talked about how his father and uncle opened the Zane Bros. office in California with Barry Kalfin who was the sales manager.

    “My dad and my uncle had this office. Someone came in and said you have to pay up to be in the Valley. Lo and behold a couple of guys come in the office and break it up- old school shit.

    “They call my dad who’s going oh shit. Tommy Sinopoli and Mitchell Herrera were the boys they had to pay, but my dad’s a nobody. These guys were terrorizing the Valley. My dad’s going this is how they are, really?

    “My dad figures we’re going to have to pay some people. They figure what’s the best thing to do?

    “The Vegas “shows” [expos] is when you could confront somebody. They go to one of the Vegas shows, and there’s Tommy. My dad looks to this Herrera guy and starts running at this cocksucker. Why is this guy walking to me real quick Herrera’s thinking? Everybody’s realizing who everybody is.

    “Sinopoli tears through the casino and my dad and Chuck Zane are in a full run. My dad’s yelling you cocksucker. The other guys are yelling the gangsters from New York!! Other people are going we’ve been liberated.

    “How do you think my dad and uncle got indicted?” Black asked rhetorically.

    “Deep in that report were the rats. Elements sifted themselves out with this person and that person and these people. Names kept coming up – Herrera and Sinopoli.”

    Black said his father was now looking at a second strike.

    “Christy, that was your boyfriend [Sinopoli]. You were with all those guys. You were at the mother ship. Christy Canyon, you hung out with guys who shook down the porn business. You hung around with guys who almost cost my mom her marriage.”

    I could say some thing about this but speaks for it self.

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