Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models @HussieModels Punched One of His Models in the Face

WTF man, you want to talk about porn stars on you forgot the Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models about the time he punched Charlotte Cross in the face and busted her lip.

Riley Reynolds A Porn Agent Or Pimp???

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Riley Reynolds, the man behind “Hot Girls Wanted” is more than a Russia mafia looking thug. He must confused the profession of an agent with that of a pimp. He hit one of his pornstars, Charlotte Cross (and Adriana Maya also accuse him for other things too) Maya, and he preaches about the severity of a state law (not even federal) about doxing. Excuse me but first try not to commit crimes like public violence and hit a woman in public (a federal crime with more jail time) and then try to cite lesser laws…

Riley Reynolds from Hussie Models

This is what she said about the incident in 2017.

There was a Ts model inquiring about representation and I was working the CC booth with Adriane Maya. The TS Model handed me her business card and asked if we represented trans performers. To which I replied, “I don’t know if that is something we’re interested in doing or not but it can never hurt to ask so let me get my agent for you.”

went over to find Riley and explained what I needed him for. He came over, told the model that he wasn’t interested. Then, he said, “Charlotte you fucking did that on purpose. Adriana, block me because I’m going to smack the shit out of Charlotte for being stupid.” He grabbed my hair and pulled my head down behind her and hit me three times. I left Industry Day @ the convention crying with a bloody lip

He apologized after Bruno told him to never put his hands on me again and then said he was finding himself and took $200 off of my invoice. I left Hussie shortly after and didn’t pay him my invoice immediately because I was scared to go over to his house alone. So two days after I left, he emailed every producer in Miami and said that I stole from him so if any of them hired me, he wouldn’t do business with them. Someone I was close with ended up paying him $1200 to leave me alone… when I didn’t owe him anymore than maybe $100 because he never got me work.

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  1. Lisa Gandolfo

    Riley Reynolds can’t seem to stay out of trouble? Now he abuses his own talent? What else is this unscrupulous infamous douche going to do? Being in a Netflix documentary doesn’t mean you have a right to not to abide by the law whether it is porn related or not? Karma will catch up with him sooner or later.

  2. mharris127

    Isn’t Charlotte Cross one of the “ladies” railroading Derek Hay with (essentially) rape by coercion charges in a DIR complaint? I will buy their dishonest billing practice and illegal contracting complaints but if Derek were a rapist it would have came out years ago. Also, your first move if you are raped in the free world is to call the police, not hire a scumbag to file a DIR report, if the rape wasn’t reported then without strong evidence to the contrary as far as I am concerned it didn’t happen.

    If what was reported in this article is truthful, Riley needs his teeth shoved down his throat and his dick shoved firmly up his ass but I am not inclined to believe Char on anything (and suspect this “reader e-mail” was from her as there isn’t a police report attached). I think Riley is a baseball-size, septic boil on the ass of porn and needs to be excised but I want to make my opinions on known truth and Char isn’t a reliable source. This needs more investigation, I am not saying to discount the e-mail but I wouldn’t have filed a report here on it without more information and corroboration with independent sources.

  3. I am The Man from Nantucket

    Just look at this fucking disgusting creep. Clearly weak gene pull. How was Riley Reynolds conceived ?
    A neanderthal cave man pleasured himself in the rear of a cave used as a latrine or an out house with a bucket. With poor coordination the beast missed the bucket spilling the remnants of his ungodly act the semen splattered on the floor while the rest of his conception was up to the flies and or cockroaches.

    He beats up girls in public, Pimps out a severely mentally challenged boy barely 18 yrs old and held him against his will. The poor lad is in a state of arrested development and don’t even know whats going on here yet Riley slings him all over numerous state lines for the pleasure of other perverts like him for profit.

    Remember now folks this is the same Riley who took Holly Hendrix’s nude pics while she was 17 yrs old and waited for her 18th Birth day to begin booking for adult films however Riley was pimping and pandering her under 17 yrs old under the false pretense fronting as a “talent agent”

    Riley who’s only job was … well not county his burglary case, before evolving as low end pimp was a dish washer on the late night shift at ” outback” in south Florida calling his ethnic co workers nappy headed hoes.

    The crimes and atrocities he has committed against females and now a poor boy severely handicapped are not just limited to physical abuse, gas lighting, pimping, pandering, money laundering but out right criminal and diabolical drug dealer.

    He and his partner in crime locked up poor Charlotte Cross in a dog cage in the kitchen while gagged blindfold and bound with a ball gag in her mouth while he went the buy weed he and Bruno Dickems forget about her being in the dog cage.

    Riley the feds has been to your trap house in-call at least 4 times , enough is enough.

  4. mharris127

    Nantucket, if Riley and his Dickems idiot really locked Charlotte Cross in a dog cage while gagged and bound then left her like that to go buy weed (are you sure they weren’t on something stronger and more impairing — pot doesn’t leave someone in the condition to leave someone in that condition if you aren’t already that kind of cocksucking scumbag) then both need some bubba dick forced up their assholes while bound and gagged in prison. No wonder she is so fucked up in the head! I am a BDSM person myself, one of the most important rules in the BDSM community is to never leave a bound or caged person in that condition if you even simply leave the room to answer the door or phone. A real kinky person would be pissed at Riley’s and Dickem’s actions. If the 18 year old boy is being pimped out and cannot consent to the pimping (“mentally challenged” means that is a possibility) then Riley and Dickems need their dicks and balls cut off and shoved either down their throats or fucked up the ass with their own dicks mounted on a stick.

    I need to note that Riley’s supposed treatment of Charlotte doesn’t mean she gets a pass on falsely accusing Derek Hay of raping her by coercion. It may explain why she is so fucked up in the head but that doesn’t mean she can potentially ruin Derek’s life with false accusations.

  5. Lisa Gandolfo

    I see that a lot of people are upset with Riley Reynolds actions. He seriously has a problem with authority and lack of respect for women. Even though he has been profiteering off women’s bodies. Now men too. He is a disgusting narcistic POS for what he did to a family who got 11,000 shares on Facebook from missing persons advocates in regards to their missing son that Riley still after the families pleas to return him home safely he told them fuck you! He recruited and exploited this poor kid in spite of knowing he had special needs. He called the mother a whore, cunt, bitch etc… for her reaching out to him pleading again to return her precious son. What kind of an animal is he? He taunted, belittled and insulted the whole family, made false claims of “death threats” he continued to badger them in writing on social media. He then gets his recruiters, Models, his own white trash mother, porn associates and Brandon Florida redneck friends to support his retaliation and continued help cyber bully this family in writing on social media? That is exactly what Riley did and we got copies of all of it to law enforcement. Hey Riley…. you think you are slick to fly this kid to LAX to get a scene done and fly him back to Florida and then back to California again justifies what you did in Florida? We know all about your illegal recruiting of your posse of models for your buddies in Fort Lauderdale and Fort Worth, Overseas and God knows where else for what the industry calls “privates”. You threaten these girls with “you broke the law” so you better keep your mouth shut isn’t going to work! Why? They will get immunity just to tell their stories to the authorities just so they can put your ass away! I have spoken to only a few of your victims and what I heard makes my stomach turn. You are nothing but a con artist, thug and a predator and you are not going to get away with this anymore! These men who are posting on this story and other posts are pissed with good reason and I am glad that the legitimate porn industry sees you for who you really are.

  6. mharris127

    Lisa, assuming your post is completely correct Riley isn’t slick, he is sick! I question whether this 18 year old boy was competent enough to make his own decisions in the first place but since I don’t have the evidence in front of me I can’t make the call. Certainly taking advantage of a mentally impaired/low IQ person in this manner is sick and twisted, how did the directors not know what was going on when they met him and cancel the scene? To clarify my impression people that are that mentally/emotionally impaired used to be called retarded (to distinguish from learning disabled, mentally ill, etc), I don’t particularly relish using that word but today’s terminology is too unclear to the general public so I have to use it to convey my thoughts. If the boy wasn’t that mentally impaired I apologize but that is what comes up in my head after reading about him on this site.

  7. Lisa Gandolfo

    Mr. Harris, Riley was the puppet master director and Johnny Robins was the videographer as voice recognition proves so and it was for Hussie Auditions shot at a hotel outside LAX without a condom and without three forms of ID. I get the facts straight and do my research. But he wanted to fool people to think that he shot that scene the weekend of the Exxxoctica Expos in Miami.

    Riley does think he is slick and yes he is sick. He was going to prove to this family how much control he can have over one person. He is a pimp and would sell his own mother to prostitution if he could make a buck off of her!

  8. mharris127

    Lisa, is this scene the only one Riley had the 18 year old mentally impaired boy doing? It is possible he had him doing scenes for other unscrupulous directors and producers as well. That concerns me just as much as Riley using him for a scene himself. Not all directors/producers are as scrupulous as Scott Taylor, Scott Orenstein, Jacky St. James, Axel Braun and Will Ryder (none of whom would knowingly allow this to happen on their sets) in how they run their companies/shoot their scenes and my concern here is that you haven’t even scraped the top off of this baseball sized, festering boil of a situation. You have to work with the information you have, this isn’t meant as a slight on you and your work but to put it bluntly, was this boy raped once or ten times?

    BTW, welcome to Mike South. Maybe you should be a reporter for this site but unfortunately the owners can’t afford to pay you much for your time as this site has a history of losing money, mainly because the owners (even the current owners) didn’t/won’t kiss the ass of complete scumbags (a couple of the site’s reporters don’t even dare use their legal names on the byline of their articles, I wish pseudonyms weren’t necessary but I understand they are) and therefore can’t drum up advertising revenue. This site does a great and IMO necessary public service and it is unfortunate that doing that public service sentences it to not making much if any money to reward them for their time and service to the porn community.

  9. Lisa Gandolfo

    Mr. Harris,

    I work in the film industry for years but I am also training to be a licensed private investigator as I realized in practice I can acquire information quite easily with people, Internet research and court docket reports.

    But I personally have a great PI who helps me from time to time on research on issues I am concerned about, like Hussie Models operating illegally in the State of Florida since 2013 not being a licensed talent agency. I uncovered so much information on the owner investigating this fraudulent company.

    I do have quite a few connections now because of my research with both law enforcement and political leaders in The State of Florida. The porn industry has been quite a study of mine as a whole to realize now the difference between the way it is operated and controlled in California and should be a “model” as to how Florida State should regulate the porn industry as well. Florida is like the Wild West! But it should be called the Wild East! is such an asset to porn news without being totally tabloidall. I respect the writers of this news page who appear to also do their research extensively before they cover certain subjects.

    Being a writer/journalist is not on my bucket list. I am an advocate for achieving justice for victims of crimes and I am an advocate for missing persons.

  10. mharris127

    Fair enough, Ms. Gandolfo. I wish you well in your pursuit of justice and fairness. I hope you get Riley Reynolds run out of the industry on a rail after being tarred and feathered. Admittedly I don’t have the full scoop on this but what you describe hits my mind as facilitating the rape of someone unable to give informed consent. I admit that I could be misunderstanding what you are trying to say but as I said above, I would like to know whether Riley let that boy get raped once, ten times or maybe even more. Multiple charges of rape tend to garner stricter prison sentences than a single occurrence, if Riley had this boy repeatedly raped (whether he showed consent or not — it sounds like he doesn’t have the capacity to consent) I want to see him do life without parole and hopefully someone will torture him to death once he is in prison (prison inmates tend to not tolerate people that have the helpless raped). It should be noted that at least where I am from (Michigan) and in California CSC or “rape” charges include coercion into sexual activity and taking advantage of children and the severely mentally impaired (most people are probably more familiar with the term retarded but that is unfortunately a loaded term nowadays) in a sexual manner. I am not familiar with Florida law but at least for the rape of this boy that took place in California (if my impression of your description is correct) both Riley and the “talent” could be facing rape charges. It is the responsibility of people having sex to determine appropriately whether a potential sexual partner can consent to sex, even fucking a severely drunk or high person throwing him/herself at his/her potential sexual partner can get the non-impaired partner charged with rape/CSC in both Michigan and California (granted, in Michigan both can also be charged with life plus five years in prison on fornication charges unless they are married to each other so this rarely happens in the state — let’s just say Toledo, Ohio and Michigan City, Indiana hotels get a lot of business from Michigan unmarried couples that want to have sex legally).

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