Paul Fishbein, Porn’s Unlikely Savior?:

I just read the entire Philadelphia Magazine Article on the guy everyone in the biz refers to as simply “Fish”. It was rather complimentary in the backhanded way that the mainstream press always presents us when its complimentary. They use a kind of “hey we like ya but stay an arms length away from us ok”, approach.

What I did notice was that the portrayal of Fish certainly rings accurate, I have known him for a very long time. he has always been available to me and I still consider him a friend. He seems at times, distant and even unaffected but at the same time he does seem to always want to please. He has always been genuine and forthright with me and that’s all I have ever asked for.

He is highly intelligent but soft spoken and I believe Larry Flynt’s analysis that he “pulled porn out of the gutter” is spot on….for better or worse.

Congrats to Paul Fishbein for this recognition and on his new relationship with Cherry Rain. Happiness in this biz is elusive, I hope he has found it.

And just a thought, maybe the people at AVN should induct Fish into the Hall of Fame whether he wants it or not. He certainly deserves it.


MoeGreenHasOneEye IM’s Me: (When Strippers Get Drunk….)

MGHOE: and I’m getting the best lori alexia stories
MGHOE: lol
South1226: do tell
MGHOE: dude
MGHOE: she was sitting in the waitress’s break room (staging area for the features before they go onstage) and she kept getting in the waitresses lunch boxes and eating their food
MGHOE: they warned her to stop twice, and she kept doing it
South1226: yer kidding
MGHOE: her roadie was propositioning customers and saying they could bang her in the house behind the club where the features stay
MGHOE: they staff caught three guys back there and tossed them out
MGHOE: she was so drunk for one of her shows that her roadie had to hold her up so the dj could dress her
South1226: LOL
MGHOE: she was warned to stop doing messy shows, so for her next performance she threw a bucket of water at the dj, soaking the dj booth and shorting out the light board
South1226: OMG
MGHOE: they said she was out of control, and will NEVER be back
South1226: LOL
South1226: drunk peelers
South1226: gotta love em
MGHOE: between shows she was out hustling table dances for $10 apiece
MGHOE: pissed off the house girls
MGHOE: so they told her to stay in her “area” and not move
MGHOE: they turned around and her roadie was out hustling the $10 dances for her, bringing the guys back to the feature area

Tom Writes:

Man, did you see Jesse Jane in the current issue of Star Magazine?
They used the most worst shots of her they could get, she looked bad.
She did get a good crack in on Pamela Anderson though, too funny.

I thinks somethings up over at DP, they have been very quiet and A-Dell isn’t exactly burnin up my phone. I keep hearing Jesse and Kid Rock are getting tight and that he ain’t too keen on her doing porn. Another Tera for them perhaps….at least Jesse picked a REAL rock star instead of a wannabe. Don’t look for Kid Rock to be shooting porn anytime soon.

I’d call Jesse and ask about it but she changed her number and even I don’t have it anymore…Meantime the rumor mill is churning.

Bet they won’t let Teagan near any rock stars LOL.

Japchick Writes:

South you hillbilly, you fucking rule. The lame ass sites report on Tara Reids tit, you gave us the pictures.

Thanks Japchick! Will I see ya in vegas this year?

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