Good comedians like JimmyD and Quasarman are out of work and Curious is tryin to be funny:

Mr. South,

I note that you will soon include the Japanese ritual of Bukkake to your site. As you are the primary sex performer on your site, how will this be possible? Will you ejaculate on the bukkake victims face multiple times solo over a few day period? Will you do a “reverse bukkake” where dozens of chicks jizz all over your face? Will you open said bukkake to all your site’s members in the Atlanta area? Maybe a combo BBQ / bukkake with hot dogs and hamburgers for the happy strokers?

Enquiring minds need to know.


ps Did you know that “bukkake” means “gay spray” in Japanese?

Well to answer his question…yes it is a member event, though not just Atlanta area.

No we aren’t serving hot dogs and hamburgers..we are serving raw oysters and clams

AND, Bukkake in Japanese means “to splash in a rude manner” kinda like when that chicky threw the drink in yer face …:)


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