Looking Forward To The Debates Tonight And Sheelagh Blumberg

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Like Donald Trump or not tonight’s Republican debate promises to be, at the very least, entertaining.  I love Trump for shaking up the Republican party and making them take a stand on issues that they have been paying lip service to and little else.  Listening to the republican talk shows today I am hearing a lot of Republicans likening trump to Ronald Regan….that’s a serious comparison considering that most Republicans think of Regan as a DemiGod.  I am sure the Republican Party officials do not feel the same way but they had best be careful, any attempt to topple Trump could seriously backfire on them. The Real Shy LoveShy Love having sex with multiple gay men Google search The Vip Connect and see what pops up these days. As we all know lately Shy Love has been running from the IRS and student loan debt collectors. As a result has Sheelagh Liberboim turned into prostitution and pandering and Human trafficking. Trafficking girls from Holland Now into the united states. Shy Love will do anything to turn a meager profit.

Most seemed to indicate that they expected Trump to do exactly as he has been and they expect fireworks tonight but even if they dont get the fireworks they will still be voting for him.  Trump is getting extraordinarily strong grass roots support.

Should make for an interesting column tomorrow.

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  1. Karmafan

    You may not like the way he makes some of his comments but he is bringing some issues out to the forefront for discussion. There are tens of millions of illegals here in the US. The vast majority of them are law abiding people that stay under the radar. There are also some that aren’t. Those states that border with Mexico have had sky high violent crime rates in recent years. Mexican drug cartels are operating in the US and they are very violent and dangerous.

  2. LurkingReader

    I too liked the stuff I was hearing about Trump shaking up the Republican status quo, his performance last night went from bad to worse in my book and earned him first spot in the NO column. A couple others also got penciled in NO column for pandering to his leverage, money or hope of picking up his support as things shake out. All in all Trump entertained lots of wonks with what we’ll always recall as his Howard Dean moment.

    The threat of using his money to run as an independent works well to push deals and boards to get what he wants but the rest of the package only works if you’re willing to settle for an entertaining puppet in the White House. He had a perfect chance to cement the Republican nomination with the bought politicians issue if his boast transitioned into how he was going to fix it. When he didn’t run with the ball the moderators gave it back to him again and he had a choice throw Hillary under the bus or not. The not sinking Hillary in the absence of a fix indicates the WH is vulnerable to skeletons in his closet.

    Call the fat lady question a low blow & I’ll agree but his response doesn’t come near I’m not a PC guy. The swipe at Rosie was amusing if you ignore fact that Iran, Russia and China aren’t gonna be nice and tweeting out they was mean to me and ad-lib won’t work for foreign policy.

    A comeback at Rand on single payor insurance was fair game quashing the challenge. Wasn’t nice but was fair in a debate as the risk of getting knocked on your ass whe you try to steal the ball. Want him to nationalize insurance? Sure would eliminate the bidding limitations he mentioned and he didn’t tell us he has a vision of the intercounty and interstate banking deregulation of the Reagan Era he espouses. So which option or alternative would he use to implement his tiered system to insure the needy?

    Trump’s lack of debate experience showed with his Amnesty boast to deflect the presented question. The lack of debate experience is why he walked himself into the situation but not why he got his ass handed to him with f/u challenge to the boast. That was losing your shirt on a called bluff.

    When you boast I have proof Mexico is sending us their undesirables and sputter ‘well border agents said so’ it makes a mockery of the center spot he wants to hold on to. He basically stood there with his dick in hand while lower polling candidates with different platforms rattle off details he failed to put on the table like 40% of illegals entered with visas and numbers of non-Mexicans passing through Mexico to the US.

    On the bankruptcy question, he’s right the bankers knew the game they were playing and it was legal to use law of land. He shoots himself in foot again with not sorry he made a lot of money or had the smarts to leave AC when he did and trying to segway that into I’m the guy to fix the deficit. China has no problem bowing with a slight smirk as they patiently wait for the Don to finish jerking himself off telling them how great he is before passing knowing side eyes around the table and responding …fuck you pay the note US deficits wont go poof and there are no U.S. friendly bankruptcy laws in this land. He was smart to sidestep the 1100 employees laid off in last bankruptcy but it’s gonna bite him in ass as soundbites of I’m not sorry I made money get played to preface future debate questions about what he did to make sure those people ate while the corporate bankruptcy protected his personal assets.

    The Megyn is a bimbo and media is mean tweets play well to a sitcom audience. Do you really want a guy who can’t refrain from those tweets hovering his finger on the nuke button? Seeing those tweets this morning I had to wonder if he’d tweet Gen Sullani (sp) to call him a deal breaking liar or nuke his ass for pissing him off. Neither bodes well given pansy ass whining about mean media. He’s a big boy just like the bankers who got raw end of game they played so what happens when Iran, Russia and China are mean and won’t kiss the billionaires ass? So do what you want …I for one won’t give my vote to a guy who acts like the WH is a toy he won’t be satisfied without.

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