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Lacey Blake is not just a good writer (and funny too) she is also employed in the mainstream film industry as a stuntwoman.  Her day job though is a Certified Public Accountant.

Lacey has been kind enough to agree to do an “Ask A CPA” Advice column for readers.

email me your questions and I will forward them to Lacey and you will get an answer.

Please confine your questions to her to that which you would ask a CPA.  With her experience in the mainstream entertainment industry and her thorough knowledge of OSHA regulations for the film industry as well as tax code this is a valuable service that you can take advantage of at no charge.

I’d like to personally thank Lacey for doing this and I encourage you to ask her questions….you do not have to to sign your real name or performer name unless you want to.

Lacey can save you money and save you problems whether you are a performer or owner of a large company.

I am proud to offer this service to my readers and if you need a really good CPA to help you in your business you can’t go wrong with Lacey, she has the experience and the know how to save you on your taxes and make your business run better!


13 Replies to “New Feature On”

  1. LurkingReader

    SuperWoman Cape @ Lacey 🙂 wonder if leading folks to water will actually get them to take a sip?

  2. Billy

    “Contributing Authors Lacey Blake & Lurking Reader”

    I’m done. Later bro, it’s been a good run. Lol!

  3. Lacey Blake

    Sounds fun… Thanks Mike! 🙂
    Although, I’d probably answer most questions whether they’re related to accounting or not…
    I’m pretty open to giving thoughts, advice, opinions on a variety of subjects, but that should be pretty evident at this point… Lol.

  4. Jamie Profit

    That’s great to know that we can get some really good tax work done other than dealing with that asshole I’ve deal with Mr. Liposhitz.
    Good luck Lacey.

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