100% NEGRO:

I love that shirt…It gets more response than anything else I do or write. Here are some examples of actual responses I got wearing that shirt:

White Guy: I don’t know if I should let you in my booth wearing that shirt.

Black Guy: Damn, that’s the coolest shit I ever saw

White Chick: Aren’t you, like afraid to wear that here?

Black Chick: That shirt is highly offensive to me, you have to take it off and give it to me right now (she was smiling).

Pornchick: I will blow you for that shirt.

The thing about that shirt is that by and large black folks get it, they see the humor in my cracker ass wearing that shirt, as oppossed to what they usually see on southerners T Shirts and it amuses or even pleases them. On the other hand white folks get VERY nervous when I wear that shirt, and THAT amuses me.


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