Kiki D’Aire on CNBC’s American Greed

Kiki D'Aire and Michael Scripps in happier times, wild hog hunting at Ted Nugents ranch
Kiki D’Aire and Michael Scripps in happier times, wild hog hunting at Ted Nugents ranch

No Kiki isn’t the subject.
The story is about Michael Scripps of the legendary Scripps family (Scripps Howard Broadcasting). The family made a massive fortune in media and the family fortunes passed down to Michael Scripps mother and Uncle. Michael met Kiki when he hired her as an escort, they fell in love and began a tumultuous relationship.

I’ve known Kiki for years and she is a nice person, the show treated her fairly with the exception of one of Michaels friends who couldnt help but look down his nose at her…he was jealous is my read.

I have spoken several times on the phone with Michael Scripps and he was a likeable guy, when they werent at each others throats it seems he treated Kiki well. He was always nice to me and even though he and Kiki both had run ins with the law for domestic violence he never said anything bad about her that I recall.

To make a long story short the subject of the peice was whether or not Michael stole money from his mother and his uncle. I don’t think he did, in my read he was railroaded by Merrill Lynch and his mother and the whole legal issue belonged in civil, not criminal court.

He was found guilty and is currently serving his sentence in federal prison

If you want to see it and hear the story for yourself and draw your own conclusions the show is American Greed, it airs on CNBC The season is 11 and the episode is 19

Kiki handled herself well and with class kudos to her.

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