Hap and Leonard

For more years than I’d care to remember now, Mike South and I have been reading and enjoying Joe R. Lansdale’s “Hap & Leonard” series of books. While I was living in Porn Valley back in 2004, I began picking up the paperbacks and mailing them to Mike one at a time, in order, so he could find his way into the series and enjoy them the way I did. He did, and fell in love with the writing and the characters, and passed them on to others to enjoy.

Well now Hap and Leonard is a television series on Sundance. Which is good, and I highly recommend you watch it. But — let’s be honest here — the books are better, and I think you’ll find that if you start reading the books with #1 (Savage Season) and continue reading them you’ll find yourself hooked the way we both were. Follow this link to check out Joe’s latest…



I live in Dayton, Ohio. I’m 51 years old and a husband, father, writer, strip club DJ, and chili cook. I love weird literature, offbeat films, all kinds of music and spicy food. One of Mike South’s best friends (which I don’t brag about in public), I’m fully certified by the State of Ohio to marry people.

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  1. MikeSouth

    While I am not as big a fan of the TV series (Justified is similar but way way better) the books are really fun reads.I wanna thank Tim and Goddess for picking up where I left off here, I hope you guys find an audience and I hope that it brings you as much pleasure and catharsis as it did for me….I do miss parts of it but it was time to move on, I think y’all bring a fresh perspective and a new slant to things, I think getting away from porn as the main topic is a good idea…..I could even see this chaning to more of an old school chat room of forum…anything I can do to help yall just lmk

  2. Tim Walker

    If I could think of one thing you could do Mike, it would be to continue popping in whenever you feel like it and commenting or posting. I think your readers enjoy your unique perspective on the adult industry and on life in general, and I think yours is an online voice that will be missed. I hope it doesn’t disappear.

  3. LurkingReader

    Lol wound up binge watching Hap & Leonard after a phone call with Mike South. Then binge reading the books… they are better than the series and quick reads.

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