A Few People I Want To Express Some Gratitude To That I Haven’t in the Past

One guy that stands out is attorney James Felton. I have been lucky to have the support of several industry attorneys but in the past Mr. Felton has elected to stay low key, he gave me permission to use him in this post.

It started when he needed some assistance with a particular case, As always (and still will be) I was happy to assist anyone I can in any way, particularly when they are working to right a wrong. Whenever I have needed advice Mr Felton has always been generous with his assistance, like I do so many other readers here I consider him a friend.

Attorneys are the butts of jokes and what not but James Felton is not the kind that gives them a bad name, he is the exact opposite. If anyone should need an attorney who is familiar with the industry, fair and honest and non judgemental I HIGHLY recommend him. he isn’t an attention seeker, he puts his nose to the grindstone and he gets results. He has never once steered me wrong, matter of fact I have a ton of respect for him, so much so that if he were on The FSC Board of Directors I would happily work with him, but I don’t think that will happen because I don’t see him as being comfortable in The FSC, that’s just my opinion of course but if he were I believe he could make The FSC worthy of a second chance….That is how much I respect him.

Thank You brother for all the help over the years and for allowing me to point it out.

Another is Sabrina Deep, we sometimes disagree but I hold her in very high regard, like me she speaks her mind and doesn’t back down, I respect that. She stands her ground with me yet I have never thought of her as anything but a friend, and I know the feeling is likewise. More girls like Sabrina in this biz would be a game changer. She was offered an authors login to this blog but declined, I understand her reasoning but like Rodney If I could hand pic my successors Sabrina would be among them. When the lawsuit happened she made an INCREDIBLY generous offer, one that actually brought tears to my eyes, that is not easily done. Sabrina you know what I am speaking of, Thank You.

Thank You for allowing me to say how much you guys have meant to me. and you all know it isn’t just Sabrina and James, it’s all of you but I have written about y’all before…again though Thank You all, I have been blessed with so many friends that I have never met yet I know they are true friends, it may be a new idea thanks to the internet but real friends can be real friends even without having met face to face. Most of you get it, prolly all of you….That is what I will miss most…please stay in touch I treasure you guys, If anyone sets up an open forum I will participate.

But I digress, James and Sabrina…this one’s for you!

4 Replies to “A Few People I Want To Express Some Gratitude To That I Haven’t in the Past”

  1. SabrinaDeep

    I didn’t know if I should comment. In fact I don’t know what to comment. You’ve been a Man since day one to me and I’m the one who has to thank you. Happy new year and we’ll talk soon.

  2. lastnot

    I second having Sabrina Deep take over. She is one of the strongest writers online these days. Sad to see you go, Mike.

  3. rawalex

    Mike, it’s really sad to see you hang it up, but I can understand. Time plays tricks on all of us, and fate can deal us a weird hand of totally junk cards at times. I am sure the lawsuit wasn’t the main reason, but perhaps one of the final straws that broke the camel’s back, as it were.

    I have always enjoyed your site and enjoyed that you haven’t been scared to name names and point bright lights into dark corners. Alas, in some ways that is where the lawsuit comes from. In American, right and wrong are often hidden by a legal system that favors those who can endure the longest or with the least to lose. You are perhaps neither of those.

    Another great loss in the porn world – a world that is perhaps already lost without many realizing it.

  4. LurkingReader


    Have the idea my opinion doesn’t carry much weight with you, still gonna say it would be great if you used your admin privileges to share your thoughts, opinions and insights as a resource for performers who aren’t there yet.

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