Well Ya Knew it Was Coming

One thing about Steven Hirsch, he can whore for publicity like nobody else.   Vanessa Stiviano had barely taken a breath from her accusations of racism and public release of private phone calls that got the L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, in deep do do with the NBA, when in comes Hirsch with an offer to star in an interracial porn tape for Vivid.

Now I aint gonna re-hash the Donald Sterling thing, you all know about it, unless you live under a rock.  No word on what the offer was but you can bet it wasnt enough to do anything more than get his [Hirsch’s] buddy Harvey at TMZ to run the story.



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  1. Tokyo_Boy

    She’s got lawyers bills coming so any cash is good cash to that POS. Not a fan of her or Sterling.

  2. Tokyo_Boy

    Marc Randazza’s piece for CNN summed up my feelings about both people. Did you see that, Mike?

  3. erik2690

    “public release of private phone calls”?????? Where are you getting that info? These were in person conversations and the only statements we have indicate he requested they be recorded. I’d really like to know your source that states they were phone calls or proof he didn’t know he was recorded.

  4. erik2690

    “and there is actually every question about whether or not he consented to be recorded”??
    I don’t understand that sentence. I read that piece. It has no evidence of him not knowing he was recorded. Please quote the evidence from the article if I somehow missed it. Also, you might not care, but phone call vs. in person is an important distinction.

    Also, why is offering these public people porn deals a bad thing? It seems more like a personal dislike from you. This seems like marketing 101. He gets his company’s name mentioned for no money. Can you explain the issue? Capitalizing on these opportunities is what everyone does. I would also argue that porn has a much harder time getting mainstream attention that isn’t negative than most businesses, take what you can.

  5. erik2690

    I’m looking at that again and I guess you were saying that, there is a question about whether he consented. I agree it is not a decided matter. The only thing we have heard from any involved party is that he did consent. You seemed to be saying he didn’t consent. My point was to push back on that and say we don’t know. We do know it wasn’t “phone calls” though. That was false.

  6. rawalex

    Actually, it’s a pretty simple deal. He appears to have an in with the TMZ people (as do a couple of other big sites) and they pretty much all compete to be the first to write a “porn offer” and send the press release to Harvey.

    Harvey may play the other side of the street (or so it’s rumored) but he knows the basics: No tits, no hits. TMZ is softcore celeb porn in it’s own way.

  7. BT

    Gentleman: From the point of view of the public release of private phone calls or private conversations – TMZ or any other news outlet making them public – it doesn’t matter. Here’s the rule:

    California is a two-party consent state, meaning that in order for me to record Mike South talking about fishing, in person, on the telephone, or whatever, Mike and I both have to consent if we are in the state of California. If I record Mike without his permission and give the recording to TMZ, I have violated the law. So, in this instance, if the Donald’s mistress recorded him without his permission and released the tapes, she is potentially in trouble.

    From a journalistic point of view – it’s her problem and not the problem of the news outlet that makes the recordings public. The exception would be if the news outlet illegally taped the owner of the Clippers. Other than that, the news outlet is free to publish them.

    Now, you can argue that the owner of the Clippers had a reasonable expectation of privacy if he did not know he was being recorded. And, he could conceivably sue TMZ for a violation of privacy. There’s no question but that he has suffered damages to his reputation. Except …… he’s what’s known as a public figure. With public figures, expectations of privacy go out the window.

    It would not surprise me if he sues because he has suffered reputational damage. But, his beef is probably with the mistress and not TMZ.

  8. mdxxx

    Sorry but V. Stivano looks like a transexual too me.

    Would be funny if James Deen was getting his cock sucked, and then all of a sudden he pulls her pants down and an 8 inch dong just flips out!


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