Nevada Brothel Ban Bill Likely DOA as Bill Deadline Forces Whirl of Votes

UPDATED: Nevada Brothel Ban Bill Likely DOA as Bill Deadline Forces Flurry of Votes

Nevada lawmakers on Friday held a flurry of committee meetings ahead of a deadline that decided whether many bills died or continued on in the legislative process.

Legislators in the committee meetings focused on bills that covered a broad array of topics. Some bills before Friday were already expected to fall victim to the deadline, such as a measure that would have ended capital punishment in the state.

At least one other bill that found inadequate support during this flurry of votes may be of interest to our readers:


A Nevada bill that would ban brothels in the only state where they are legal is likely to die this legislative session.

The measure brought by prohibitionist state Sen. Joe Hardy failed to receive a hearing and is not expected to make it past Friday with the bill deadline. The Republican lawmaker had argued brothels had no place in the state and attract women with few economic options who then get stuck in an abusive industry.

Brothel backers argue a ban would hurt struggling rural economies and push sex workers into dangerous street prostitution.

A separate bill that would initiate a legislative study on the health and well-being of sex workers at the bordellos passed a committee earlier this month.

Sex work prohibitionists tried to back brothels in 2017 via a ballot measure, but were shot down by voters 80-20.

The state of Nevada has also asked a U.S. District Court to dismiss a poorly-conceived lawsuit brought by these same prohibitionists seeking to outlaw Nevada brothels.

UPDATE: The Brothel Ban bill is as dead as the papal penis

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