Models sue Polekatz Chicago strip club for using their photos in ads

Models sue Polekatz Chicago strip club for using their photos in ads

Trademark and Right of Publicity lawsuit against Polekatz is the third such suit against Chicago-are men’s clubs

A group of ten west coast models has filed a lawsuit that alleges suburban Chicago strip club Polekatz, where they never worked, used their modeling photos for advertisements without their permission.

The federal lawsuit filed this week in Chicago contends that the models’ careers were damaged and they were embarrassed when Polekatz Chicago Gentleman’s Club in Bridgeview put their photos on its web site and social media accounts.

Some of the models are former Playboy Playmates.

As XBIZ reported today:

The women in the[] suit, which seeks a jury trial, said that the Chicago-area strip club violated the federal Lanham Act and the Illinois Right of Publicity Act and “is an unapologetic, chronic and habitual infringer.”

All of the 10 models have previously appeared in lingerie or nude but never gave Polekatz permission to use their images for advertising. Each said in the complaint that if they had they been offered to model for Polekatz each “would have promptly and unequivocally declined.”

Attorney Joseph Casas represents the models and said this is the third lawsuit of its kind filed in 2018 against a Chicago-area strip club. Casas said approximately 40 models have been represented in these lawsuits.

Casas tells the Chicago Tribune that the advertisements falsely make it appear his clients are strippers who actually work at Polekatz.

Illinois law entitles the plaintiffs, if they prevail, them to at least $75,000 apiece, plus punitive and exemplary damages which could run much, much higher

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