L.A. County prosecutors have declined felony charges against Avenatti, refer case to city as poss. misdemeanor filing

The Los Angeles district attorney declined to prosecute attorney / carnival barker Michael Avenatti on felony domestic abuse charges on Wednesday and referred allegations that he roughed up his girlfriend to the city attorney for a possible misdemeanor case.

Avenatti, 47, was arrested on a felony domestic violence charge last week after his girlfriend told police he abused her at his Los Angeles apartment following an argument.

A restraining order against Avenatti was issued after actress Mareli Miniutti said he dragged her by the arm across a bedroom floor.

Avenatti, who had called the allegations “completely false” and a fabrication, said in a statement he was thankful the district attorney had rejected the charges.

“This Thanksgiving,” he said, “I am especially grateful for justice.”

A spokeswoman for the district attorney would not say why prosecutors declined to take the case from Los Angeles.

Here’s a thought:

Jackie Lacey

The Los Angeles District Attorney is currently Jackie Lacey. The position is nonpartisan, but Lacey is a registered Democrat who won the wide support (and backing) of The Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

A recall effort was launched against Lacey in January 2017 following her announcement not to file criminal charges against two police officers who shot and killed a mentally ill black man in 2014.

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