Jesse Jane arrested after being found soaked in urine, drunk on sidewalk

VIDEO: Jesse Jane arrested after being found soaked in urine, drunk on sidewalk

Porn star Jesse Jane was busted for public intoxication earlier this month in Oklahoma after she was found drunk and soaked in urine following a college football game, police video shows.

Jesse, a former Digital Playground contract performer, was once one of the most popular adult film stars in the business. GQ published a rather bitter interview with the former star earlier this year.

The bloated Jane was arrested on Nov. 10 after the match between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in Norman, where the 38-year-old was unable to provide cops with a number for someone to come pick her up after being spotted lying on a sidewalk, KFOR reports.

Police body-camera video obtained by the station shows the adult film star seated in the back of a police cruiser moments after being approached by police following Oklahoma’s 48-47 win in front of more than 87,000 fans.

“She pissed her pants,” one officer said. “Do you want to search her?”

Cops tried to help Jane by asking her to provide a phone number for someone to pick her up, but she was unable to help herself, video obtained by the station shows.

“Jesse?” one cop asked the porn star, apparently recognizing the woman.

“I didn’t do anything,” she replied.

At another point, an officer flatly offered to call someone to pick Jane up so she could avoid a trip to jail.

“OK, yes, as long as you know I didn’t do anything,” she told an officer.

“No one is saying you did anything, we just need to know if we can call somebody,” the cop replied.

“Yes, yes,” Jane said.

“What number do we need to call for you?” the cop continued.

“Whatever,” Jane replied.

“No, I’m asking you to give me a number,” an amused officer said.

The exasperated officer then asked Jane again for a number to call, video shows.

“I’m trying, but you’re yelling at me,” Jane said.

The porn star — clad in a crimson Oklahoma shirt — is then seen struggling to communicate as to why she didn’t have money to pay for a taxi to pick her up.

“I’m not making an excuse, I’m not,” Jane told the officer. “I have no reason to, I have no reason to lie.”

Jane, who had no phone or money on her at the time, then flatly told the officer to take her to jail.

“All right, you’re under arrest for public intoxication,” the officer replied.

Jane was later booked into the Cleveland County Jail on a public intoxication charge, KFOR reported.

Jane, meanwhile, told the station that she was drugged and was released by police once her claim was confirmed. Jane also did not spend the night in jail, she said.

Ah yes, the involuntary intoxication defense rears its head once again…

Photos and videos posted by Jane on Twitter earlier that evening show her complaining about the cold weather in Oklahoma and enjoying nachos and a pretzel with a friend.

“C-c-c-c-c-cold,” Jane said in one video. “I have crotch-bite. Not frostbite, crotch-bite.”

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  1. Mike South

    So sad…I met Jesse the day before she officially entered porn at a dinner with DP….she was such a sweet and pretty little girl…I remember telling her that this biz will chew you up, to stay away from the evil influence of drugs and booze…not to let the biz change her….so sad….

  2. mharris127

    There were videos on YouTube of her being that drunk before. I recall seeing one on TMZ as well. I think Jesse Jane has one hell of a drinking problem. I used to drink very heavily (a half fifth to a half gallon of vodka or whiskey a day) but never was so drunk that I didn’t know phone numbers or couldn’t manage to walk (I might have been unsteady on my feet but I managed to walk to my car and drive home if necessary). I also never pissed my pants due to being four sheets to the wind. Most of my friends that drank that heavily also never were that impaired from alcohol including one that had to wake up every two hours to take a few shots from an iced down tumbler of vodka to keep DTs from starting. I personally know of only one person that ever was as impaired as Jesse, we all think his drink was spiked that night as he was never that impaired before or since. Jesse Jane has proven herself more of an alcoholic than anyone I know/knew personally which is horrible for her. That takes a lot of “dedication”, she really needs to lay off of the sauce! Please get help, Jesse. You will kill yourself (like my friend that had to drink every two hours around the clock to ward off DTs, he died a horrible death from a stomach perforation and cirrhosis) if you don’t.

  3. Hop Sing

    Can’t believe this actually made network news like she’s some kind of celebrity.

    Asking this moronic sow to take responsibility for her actions is apparently asking too much.

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