OK Adella and the Rest of You PR Peeps Time To Reign You In

I got a press release a couple of days ago proclaiming:

“Digital Playground today announced that “Jesse Jane: Scream” has debuted at the top of the charts and is currently the country’s No. 1 sales and rental title in release. “

So I went to blockbuster.com and looked at their top sales and rentals, nope not there…well maybe netflix…nope not there either. Maybe Amazon…again nope not even in the top 100 anywhere

So I go OK maybe they REALLY MEANT ADULT sales and rental title.

So I go to adultdvdempire…it isnt even close to number one…its number 25. AEBN…nope…hotmovies…nope wantedlist…nope

You see If I’m even going to THINK about running your press release and you make the statement that you have the number one renting and selling title in the country you had better the fuck be able to back it up.  And stop with that shit anyway if you mean the number one selling and renting adult title SAY THAT

Enough with the Bullshit OK?  You guys at DP in particular do well enough that you should be proud of what you ARE doing without having to bullshit people with nonsense like this.

Other sites might run your releases blindly but just because you announce it…doesnt make it so.

OK rant over.

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