Jesse Jane No Longer Doing Boy/Girl

To make matter even worse over at Digital Playground Jesse Jane is no longer doing boy girl.  Seems the new significant other isn’t comfy with it.

It’s quite the bone of contention with Scott Justice.



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  1. richard373

    Jesse Jane is ex drug abuse basket case of porn star. Your gone see Kayden Kross jump ship soon becuase she very smart porn star knows when time go find new company that is sinking faster than the titanic did when hit iceberg. Jesse Jane gone retire out porn seen very soon for same reason all other female porn stars who other halfs do not want them doing boy girl work for there not alot high paying soft corp girl girl work out there. Or she useing excuse get out working for Digital Playground. Good thing made working for Digital Playground if you where one there contract porn stars was over same day Manwen bought the company out. Manwen does care if Digital Playground porn stars walk away from Digital Playground. Manwen never like contract porn stars. Now Manwen turn Digital Playground in slash burn porn company make adult movies that are gone be below standards of what they where make in past I well not be suprise or shock that company falls in porn obscure in porn oblivion. Make one wonder if that just what Manwen want to happen.

  2. BT

    I know she’s incredibly popular, but to be honest, I never got Jesse Jane and I certainly don’t get female porn stars who only do girl/girl. You can’t be Jesse Jane and only do girl girl – at least not for long.

    So, is there enough work for another Jenna Jameson to host night club openings, do special appearances and keep her clothes on?

    Let’s hope Jesse owns a piece of her films and can get residuals. And, let’s hope she saved what she earned. She’s relatively young. Life is long. Money gets short real quick if you’re maintaining a life style.

  3. a8649

    Yeah she recently married some tattooed roid guy and they’re posting regularly about how great their marriage is etc. But I doubt it lasts a year or so then she’ll be back to doing b/g with DP or since they’re sinking she might go freelance and do the round with brazzers, pornpros, etc..and escort for high rollers on the side.

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