Jesse Jane and Bibi Jones An Insiders Perspective

Sherman from the EMMREPORT Writes:


Here is my 2 cents on the Jesse DP matter, if you want to post, please use my writing name

Here’s my 2 cents on the entire Jesse Jane/BiBi Jones and Digital Playground issue:

OK so what do we think we know so far?  Well Jesse supposedly took a swing at BiBi Jones?  That did happen actually: as part of a scene in a movie called “the fighter” where the two were playing boxers and they were sparring. According to inside sources, nothing out of the ordinary as far as Jesse was concerned. BiBi started crying. Now we’ve met BiBi, nice lady, not bad on the eyes either.

Inside word is she BiBi apparently cries when the wind blows {their words not mine}.

The Howard Stern appearance {or lack there of} regarding Jesse Jane. Another well placed source explains Jesse Jane’s appearance was never cancelled nor was she replaced, more like “postponed” to July so Jesse could actually promote her new line of tequila.

Regarding BiBi’s appearance on Stern. I spoke with several performers off the record, and if what she’s said was honest, they want nothing to do with her as far as working with her. Nothing personal , more of a health issue. Now let’s pretend for sake of discussion that it was all B.S. hype, what ever you want to call it. Is this the new age Digital Playground contract star? Pick up random untested strangers, have un protected Sex anywhere, anytime, go back to work, spread the love?

This question aside, how does this entire discussion reflect upon the other Contract performers: Kayden Kross, Riley Steele, Selena Rose and yes, Jesse Jane? These ladies have worked hard to uphold the Perfect Corporate Image of a Porn star that represents Digital Playground.  Clearly since Adella left the pristine public image has left as well.

Finally, Digital Playground wants to re sign Jesse Jane, does she want to re sign with them? Who does this benefit more at this point? Let’s break this down:

Jesse Jane: One of the few proven commodities in Porn. Name anyone who’s been as consistent both on camera and off as Jesse. On camera, she’s pretty much followed

The dream scenario of a successful porn career. Always leave them wanting more. Off,

She’s one of the most liked performers by the media, always positive, no attitude,

A total pro.  The Perfect face for Digital Playground.

For Jesse?  A Paycheck and not much else.  If the entire twitter exchange is accurate,

Is this how Digital Playground shows respect to one of its most loyal employees?  Is this what she {Jesse} can expect in the future?

If she chooses not to resign, Jesse becomes Cindy Taylor, signs with another company, and makes more money. Sure it’ll take some fans about, 60 seconds to figure out Cindy and Jesse are one and the same, and they {the fans} have even less loyalty then Digital and will follow her where she goes.

What are the hang up’s on will she or won’t she re sign? Seems Digital doesn’t want Cindy promoting her own line of Tequila or anything other then their product, something she apparently will not consider, at this point in her life, she’s looking past porn, planning for the future.

What are the realities of this situation? One way or another, come September, either Cindy or Jesse will continue their Adult career, in one form or another. Barring a major change, Cindy will be using all the good will she has generated with media to focus on her line of Tequila, and pretty much anything else she wants. Being reduced to twitter wars, Digital Playground appears to be in a tails spin with regards to its public image, marketing and so forth.  BiBi Jones, Nice lady, not a bad performer, sorry, but Not a Jesse Jane.


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