Breaking…. Adella Out at Digital Playground

 Word is that Adella is out at Digital Playground, effective February 1.

Don’t know where she is going from there but I know at one time she wanted to move to Costa Rica with her hubby and run a hotel/dive resort.

She has been rather low key for about the last six months or so, with someone else sending out the press releases and whatnot.

I do wish her the best!

8 Replies to “Breaking…. Adella Out at Digital Playground”

  1. Den

    Good luck to Adella with her future life adventures. Thanks for all the help you have given me over the years.

    You will be missed.

  2. jeffmullen

    Adella was excellent at PR and marketing. That would be great if she has a hotel/resort in Costa Rica. Maybe I can take one of the DP girls down on a vacation there lol. Adella, can you hook a director up?

  3. jeffmullen

    Maybe not but I can just see it now. Will Ryder and Jimmy D hangin’ in Costa Rica getting our tans on and Mike South drops by with a bevy of beautiful naked babes including Kayden Kross. The movie would be a fantasy called Not Now, Here or Not Ever XXX.

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