A good and an UGLY day in Florida.

I had a great day offshore, we caught dolphin, BIG King Mackeral, Big Red Snapper, BIG Amberjack, Cobia, Sharks, Barracuda. It was a HOT one though, Im pretty cooked and every muscle in my body is sore after 3 straight days offshore, even my hair hurts but it won’t stop me from going tomorrow.

Now for the UGLY, the guy that runs bigdoggie.net was busted for lotsa charges relating to prostitution and interstate prostitution and making a living off of the proceeds of a prostitute. He is being held on a 195,000 dollar bond and was taken down under federal RICO statutes, allowing the feds to sieze all of his assets. These are VERY serious charges and may well write the book on law involving the inetrnet and prostitution review sites.

I am sure my buddy J.D. Obenberger will have something to say about all of this. Watch his site www.xxxlaw.net

Watch this case, it has “all the way to the supreme court” written all over it.

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