Everything You Need To Know About Why AIM Died


Watch this:


Even I was appalled there’s “Dr Mitch” performing a scene in AIM’s office, apparently during business hours.

And we are mad at Weinstein? Hell he didn’t kill off AIM, AIM killed off AIM.

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  1. richard373

    No wonder Aim die Dr Mitch just to busy blow some guy at Aim than make sure of health well being porn stars that she sould been looking after. Aim set bar really low for some come long do much better job than they did.

  2. Toby Dammit

    Brandon, what were the circumstances behind this scene? Seeing as it is at AIMs Ventura blvd location, that puts the date of this shoot at lease six or seven years ago. And probably more closer to 10.

  3. richard373

    All proved was how serious Dr Mitch was not about Aim mission statement. It was kind thing help her enemys get her shut down. It would been only thing that Dr Mitch enemys would use close Aim but did help stay open. Alternative way expose Aim reason for why come and gone from porn seen. Very reason why no one take Aim health data serious any more.

  4. Brandon Iron

    In my dictionary, low budget means no budget. This means there was no budget for “location” for Brandon Iron’s Blowjob Tour of Los Angeles. The entire city was my set. Do you know how much it would have cost to permit hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses? Neither do I. All I’m saying is that Dr. Sharon Mitchell is most certainly a doctor. As in Dr. Fellatio (1997 Elegant Angel reference….anyone…..anyone??) C’mon, people! It’s all “Daredorm” and “College Rules” with these kids today. Get old school! Girls going to video companies, blowing guys in offices during castings. Or AIM being used on a Saturday during off hours. That’s hardcore. That’s porno.

  5. richard373

    It reason porno get act attack buy very people try shove condoms down people throat in porn vally. It the very same excuse that got no one laugh out cal osha safty porn meeting when they where told same thing on differnt subject matter. Same reason right now that no one take porn indusrty at word on any matter that happen in porn vally becuase they knew where serious about keeping there word on any subject. Brandon Iron 2012 old school days porn in vally have come and gone thing like condoms permits are here stay sad say Aim did make becuase 2012. Only people wish thing going back olds have retire from porn are to old make porn that any one would watch it.

  6. richard373

    This reason that Aim Sharon Mitchell are no longer in porn hardcore porn fact.

    In 1998, she founded the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation, an organization which provides information and STD testing to workers in adult entertainment. As of 2004, they were testing 1,200 adult performers a month.[13] In 2011, a security breach led to over 12,000 adult performers’ personal information being released publicly.[14] A privacy breach lawsuit was filed against the institute and they closed their doors in May, 2011.[

  7. richard373

    @Brandon Sharon Mitchell was never doctor Mike coverd that story him self recap below.

    About “Doctor” Sharon Mitchell
    By MikeSouth
    October 16th, 2007
    I hear that term tossed out a lot that and Sharon Mitchell Phd and the ever popular with AVN yet incorrect form Dr Sharon Mitchell Phd….let me re-educate the newbies in the biz with the truth

    From my archives 04/16/2004

    Sharon Mitchell’s Doctorate Degree Store Bought?

    I followed up on a tip I got via email. This also appears at adultdvd talk

    Sharon Mitchel got her doctorate degree in Human Sexuality from, the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality which certainly sounds legit.

    I even looked at the list of California State Approved and Exempt Institutions (http://www.cpec.ca.gov/CollegeGuide/PrivateSystemInformation.asp), and found them there as recognized by the state of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education.

    Post secondary means after High School, Vocational means basically technical training with no degree. Just for the record a PhD is a POST GRADUATE degree.

    The WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) is the organization that covers the typical 4 year colleges and universities that most people are familiar with, including UCLA, UC Riverside and all the UC campuses, all the CAL State campuses, Berkeley, Stanford, Loma Linda U, Cal Tech, Claremont College, Pomona College and so on. The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality is NOT on this list.

    The admission requirements for the Institute for Advanced Study of Sexuality, for their Masters in Public Health ask for your education records, and for any relevant job experience.

    Both the UCLA and Loma Linda U. Schools of Public Health, that are accredited programs by the WASC, require that all people admitted to their programs have a bachelors’ degree from a 4 year college and have taken the GRE exam. This stands for the Graduate Record Exam, and is used by nearly all graduate programs to determine if an applicant has the necessary academic background to begin graduate studies.

    To people reading this, this may seem like so much gobbledy-gook, but for those who have been through the rigors of obtaining a graduate or medical education, these things are important, and are relevant when discussing a person’s qualifications, particularly when he or she is making decisions that affect the health of others.

    In short Sharon loves to confuse people by calling herself Dr Mitch, which implies that she is a medical doctor, which she is NOT. post graduate doctors would refer to themselves as Sharon Mitchell, PhD to avoid this confusion. But truth is her PhD is rather meaningless as she did not have to possess any proficiency whatsoever to get into this “Masters Program” she didn’t even have to have a Bachelors degree, which to the best of my knowledge she does not possess.

    Most people would call this sort of diploma…”Store Bought”. Maybe THIS explain why she lacks the ability to do simple math.

  8. BT

    Brandon – I gotta tell you I was thrilled to see this clip. I bought that tape on VHS years ago and loved that scene. I went looking for it recently on GameLink and couldn’t find it. Brought back fond memories and Mitch looked great.

    I realize that’s not the thread here – why AIM closed – and that’s a whole other issue. But, this was Sharon Mitchell at her best.

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