I Stand Corrected….Sort Of

Mike –

Perhaps you should read BOTH newsmakers’ lists before spouting off. Open your eyes! I believe you are looking at XBIZ World’s list and not XBIZ Video’s when you printed this innacurate information.

Did you really think we would leave Stormy Daniels off our top newsmakers list? She was named a top newsmaker. Hint: they are in alphabetical order.

Teravision made the list with an entry that read, in part, specifically referring to Patrick, “The statuesque Patrick is as popular as ever. She starred in Hustler’s fastest-selling title, “InTERActive,” attended events and conventions across the country, feature danced, hosted the XRCO and XBIZ Awards and make numerous mainstream appearances, including Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards. She was named to FHM Online’s 100 Sexiest Women list.

Hardly an omission, Mike.

Another correction. Rondee Kamins was named a top newsmaker (along with Connection Distributing and attorney Mike Murray who beat back 2257). Jeez Mike, how could you miss this? You are right about one thing though. Rondee deserves high praise and the industry’s gratitude for taking on that fight — and winning. The industry should do a better job of recognizing her.

And while Jesse Jane didn’t make the list the company she is contracted to, Digital Playground, did. Everyone knows Jesse is a superstar and she is a virtual lock to make the list next year as she’s hosting the 2008 XBIZ Awards, and will no doubt enjoy a spectacular year.

You know Mike, when you don’t READ something before printing inaccuracies, in your own words “you open yourself up to criticism but in this case it’s beyond ridiculous it’s purely unresearched and sloppy.”

Well said, Mike. Well said.

I’d like the record to stand corrected.


Steve Javors

Managing Editor, XBIZ Video

Apparently I missed that part that the top 100 wasn’t inclusive of the top 50 and that Xbiz World isn’t the same thing as XBiz…Who knew. Why not just make it the top 150? Now the question is ahhh fuck it….I think I need a drink.

16020cookie-checkI Stand Corrected….Sort Of

I Stand Corrected….Sort Of

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