Lupe Fuentes Sites Down Statement

“Dear ColdHardCash Affiliates is down for reasons beyond our control. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. At this time, we are not sure how long the site will be down for.

However, we want to make sure our affiliates are taken care of for the time being at our expense. Thus, until further notice from us, we will continue to compensate affiliates for lost commissions during this time based on payout averages from our last pay period. For example, if you averaged $60 a day in commissions last period, you will make $60 a day in the coming period.

Rest assured, all content contained on is and was 100% legal and is not in any way related to the allegations against Lupe that are circulating in the press.

We appreciate your continued business with the CHC affiliate program and will keep you updated on the status of as new information arises.”

Truth is that most sites are pulling her links and content because people are speculating that if her hubby was providing falsified IDs to other girls that hers may be falsified as well.

Lupe or Wicked Pictures have yet to make a statement.

48280cookie-checkLupe Fuentes Sites Down Statement

Lupe Fuentes Sites Down Statement

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