I REALLY Don’t Get Porners:

For two weeks I tried to get Steve Orenstein, Joy King or Jessica Drake to call me and answer questions I had about the ID issues with Jessica.

I got an email from Steve and an email from Joy both asking what was up, I promptly answered both, I even sent Steve 2 emails…no response, no co-operation no nothing. It was ignored.

So I run the first part of the Jessica Drake story and lo and behold within 24 hours whom do I hear from…you guessed it, Wicked’s Lawyers. They could saved themselves some money by simply trying to work with me on this…

I guess they must have plenty of money to just throw away.

I sent the lawyers the gist of what I have, I’d never roll over on a source(s) though.

Fucking porners….

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I REALLY Don’t Get Porners:

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