And Farrell Chimes in on Wicked:

Not that I have any stake it in, but I have found Wicked’s PR department to be among the most professional and reliable to deal with. They follow through, they make sure their girls show up, and just last week they called in the middle of the day when one of their stars was here, just to check that things were going alright.

There is not a single company with a better PR dept from my perspective.

Farrell Hirsch – the guy who runs Playboy Radio.

Thanks for the input and I agree that is top notch service, and I son’t really want to sound like I’m bashing Wicked cuz I am not, It’s just that if my girls had won best actress 5 years running you can bet your ass I’d be doing a lotta crowing about it.

Imagine what Adella would do…..Whoa…that spawns a new creed for those in porn PR… WWAD What Would Adella Do…LOL

I have Known This One For A While:

But it’s official now, Scott Styles and Kim Chambers are divorced. They were one of porns more successful couples.

11610cookie-checkAnd Farrell Chimes in on Wicked:

And Farrell Chimes in on Wicked:

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