Papar Magazine profiles cam star turned pop star ONA

Webcam model, Instagram sensation and singer Leah Schrager, known to her legion of fans as ONA, is — in the astute assessment of Paper’s  — “an objectively stunning woman who has worked her angles into hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of followers, and a viable independent career.”

By stripping down for a personal photographer, which in turn has enticed her fans to pay $500 dollars per hour for a one-on-one webcam session, ONA has built herself the platform to explore another creative field: music.

ONA’s debut album is two years in the making (following two well-received EPs) and will see her embark on a North American tour which climaxes — no pun intended — backstage in a live masturbation session to seven of her songs for her subscribers’ eyes only. She cums, naturally, on the last song.

Of course, this life does not come without sacrifice. Living publicly as a sex worker has seen everyone from family members to former classmates weigh in on her lifestyle. . . .

For the sake of our readers I feel compelled to add that ONA’s butt is unassailable, and should someday be bronzed and installed in The Smithsonian.

ONA has an A-List Ass
Top shelf: ONA’s single, “A-List Ass” is the most aptly titled recording of all time, ahead of Weird Al Yankovic’s “(This Song’s Just) Six Words Long“.


ONA’s entire interview is excellent, but here are a few enticing excerpts:

How did you start?

Actually, I just started with my Instagram. This page called The Butt Blog posted me, and I got 5,000 followers immediately. And then I basically started to work through that experience. To grow, you gotta up your photos, and then more people started finding me because of that. . . .

[W]hat makes a slut? Is a man having sex with tens or hundreds of people but not putting his ass on Instagram more slutty than someone who does have their ass on Instagram?

Well, it’s exactly what you said. It’s the ass on Instagram that was the real issue. I thought we were beyond all of that, but we’re definitely not. I think the thing is that all women have to be embraced, it can’t exclude sex workers. If you cut out sex workers, then feminism is dead in my opinion. That’s the problem of feminism right now, it’s still left over in past waves. So, is porn empowering or not, is a sexy image on Instagram empowering? Lots of feminists would say it’s not, which I think is crazy.

For you to be doing this during the #MeToo movement, how is that? Does it make men more cautious?

Yeah, it does. I actually had artwork at a very well known place, and it had been agreed upon in commission and it was going up. And they said said, “Oh no, we can’t put this up now because of the #MeToo movement.” So they took it down. Images that are very sexy are suddenly not okay. So I think that that’s the little danger it’s moving into. It’s fairly exclusionary of sex workers, and it’s sex workers who actually have the best lessons to teach everybody on how to draw boundaries, consent, income, and how to judge and feel good about your sexuality.

Do you get a lot of hate?

Yeah, usually from women. They call me a slut, sometimes they’ll say I’m ugly, and sometimes they’ll say I have nothing better to do with my life so I have to do this. Dragging the world backwards is a common one, too.

How do you feel about the word “slut” in general? Do you embrace it?

Yeah. I honestly prefer not to self-label, but in general I think it’s a great word. I guess I’m more of a virtual slut. I think sex workers should be empowering to other women. Sex workers are not the skinny, agency-driven, perfectly attractive women that are models. They’re all very different.

ONA’s debut album drops June 8.

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Papar Magazine profiles cam star turned pop star ONA

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