Pamela Anderson is now webcamming

While most pseudo celebs are busy making an OnlyFans account, Pamela Anderson decided to go another way, and take to webcamming through the Jasmin website, an offshoot of the adult version (Live Jasmin). We can only assume it’s some sort of brand deal because let’s be real, Live Jasmin isn’t exactly one of the most popular webcam sites, so it’s not likely she would have come across it on her own.

A quick look at their website shows that her next show is scheduled is October 12th.

In addition to paying to see her live shows, she is also encouraging her fans to donate to Trees 4 Tomorrow, a climate change initiative.

Pamela Anderson turned 53 this year. She also got married and divorced this year to a 75-year-old multi-millionaire named Jon Peters, a film producer and former hairdresser. The marriage reportedly lasted a whole 12 days. Although she’s now denying the marriage took place … tweeting,

“Pamela Anderson was never married to Jon Peters – it was just a bizarre lunch … no “marriage” no “divorce” …”


Pamela Anderson’s relationship with Jasmin began in May of this year, where they reported she joined the company as the role of Creative Director.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Jasmin in my role as Creative Director,” said Pamela Anderson. “At a moment when we’re more socially isolated than ever and loneliness is an epidemic, Jasmin offers a medium for real connections. The more we stay connected human to human, the better off we will be.” is promoting itself as a sex-positive website, which is an offshoot o the adult webcamming platform LiveJasmin.

Karoly Papp, the CEO, and co-founder of Jasmine says, “We launched Jasmin to help foster human connections around shared common interests. Incorporating influencers, experts, and personalities who are passionate about fitness, well-being, relationships, dating, intimacy, and sex-positivity is a natural fit for our audience who are looking to engage around these issues.”

Which I guess is a nice way of saying, ain’t nobody getting naked.



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Pamela Anderson is now webcamming

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  1. She has no skills to speak of except looking pretty. Now that she is mature she has nothing to fall back on and probably never saved or invested the money she made for her golden years.

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