How much are the webcam girls really making?

A new short article posted on the Bucharest Summit website put forth this subject and it got me wondering what the answer really is.

The media loves to throw out numbers like “multi-billion dollar industry”, but just how true is that when it comes to the webcam world?

Romania has positioned itself to become a powerhouse in the webcam world. They have multiple companies setup dedicated to doing nothing but recruiting and training new talent. In Romania it’s more than a cottage industry, it’s a downright financial powerhouse.

If the Bucharest Summit article is accurate, then there are 50,000 models available online at any one time on the major sites – with a total of 10,000,000 viewers listening to and watching them perform at the same moment.

One of the most popular webcam sites, LiveJasmin, has upwards of 40 million visitors per day. No matter how you look at it, those are some impressive numbers. The founder of Live Jasmin, Gyorgi Gattyan has become one of Hungary’s richest men. According to Forbes, he is the third-richest person in Hungary with a net worth of 280 billion HUF ($0.866 billion euros or $947 million USD).

So what are these girls making?

The average income of a camgirl is about US$1,600 per month but looking at the top earners available on several sites like Flirt4Free and Chaturbate, we can also estimate at least 100,000 models, most of them from the USA, Colombia, Russia, and Romania, make more than US$10,000, which is up to 50 times the average income in some of those countries!

So is $1,600 a month number real? It’s hard to really say. The article in question doesn’t source the data but let’s just say he’s correct. $1,600 a month * 50,000 models means that at the very least, over $80 million a month is being generated. And no matter how you look at it, that’s a whole heck of a lot of money.

But the webcam market isn’t the same as the porn market. Porn girls will still outearn webcam girls with things like OnlyFans and SnapChat.

Cam shows are fun and different, but they don’t have the celebrity draw that a porn star brings in. Here is a good example … while that site offers some porn girls, most of them are unknowns. In fact, I would go as far as to say much of the girls at least when I visited are overweight and unattractive. Yet they are making money.

Still, even if it’s not the same as porn shows, it’s still a viable market in its own right and at this point, some say – one profiting more than we are in porn because of the reduced overhead.


519580cookie-checkHow much are the webcam girls really making?

How much are the webcam girls really making?

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  1. It’s been leaked (or at least alleged) that top MFC girls are bringing in 6-figures a month, and MFC even makes that claim in an old Exxxotica schedule I’ve got from like two years back.

  2. Holly Hendrix pulls in 10k a month just from her snapchat alone. Post like a vid a month.
    Xev Bellringer sells on average 400 videos a month just on manyvids at an average of 30-35$. New vid once or twice a month
    Cam girls are literally on every night

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