Lacy DuValle Out at Video Team:

Seems Video Team dropped her contract and she is currently pregnant. Word is she has a nasty drug problem too.

The Mann (As in Chris, Owner of Video Team) Speaks:

Mercedez’ posting is her opinion, or mis-understanding. I can clarify a little: Lacey did not get “dropped” by VT. She is on maternity leave. That’s all. After she has her baby, she is welcome to return if she wants to at that time. The choice is hers, barring any unforseen circumstance. About the drugs: Lacey, to the best of my knowledge is currently clean of all drugs, including alcohol, as a matter of pre-natal safety. She is taking her responsibility very seriously. There is a human life involved and Lacey is maturing quickly in anticipation of motherhood. I do wish Mercedes had not posted that, because it’s only her opinion which I think is actually second hand since Lacey wasn’t even on the set with Mercedes. I am proud of Lacey and wish her the best during her maternity leave. REPEAT: we did NOT fire her.

Now if only he can get me paid for the Lil Jon Video 🙂

Lil Jon:

I did some video stuff for them back last fall, seems they are about to crawl in bed with Video Team…It isn’t necessarily Lil Jon’s problem because I didn’t deal with him personally but I never did get paid for that project, Maybe someone could drop a bug in Lil Jon’s ear to see to it that I do get paid and I will have nice things to say about him and his East Side Boyz, instead of telling what a peice of shit his producer is.

7740cookie-checkLacy DuValle Out at Video Team:

Lacy DuValle Out at Video Team:

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