2 Days To My Birthday…WHERE’S MY PRESENTS!

( Ponchicks note: an email good for one blowjob in Vegas is perfectly acceptable gift..hint hint)

Tod Mentioned Something that Got Me Thinking:

” Joone said that porn is the only place where you can really get in and challenge the audience, as long as you also give them their money’s worth with the sex.”

I have long held that Ole Jewn is wrong, dead wrong. Now don’t get me wrong Jewn has serious experience in this area and his opinion may be right but I don’t think so.

I have watched a lot of movies in my days here on earth, both porn and not porn and some I’m not so sure about. I have seen amazingly good, horrifically bad and everything in between. I have been involved in both pre and post production, cast and crew on porn as well as mainstream.

Lets take one of the borderline porn movies, a really successful one, “9 1/2 Weeks” It’s a great example because it dealt with sexuality. I loved this movie, not because the acting was good (it wasn’t), not because the story was particularly good (it wasn’t) and not because the sex scenes were hardcore (they weren’t). So why do I love this flick…that’s easy …. It got me laid by more hot girls than all the shots of tequila I ever bought. Chicks got HOT over this movie. I will spare you the why…I know why but it’s not within the scope of this particular observation.

Now, who in porn could have made this movie? think about that a moment.

Would the movie have been better had it pushed the envelope? Had it “challeneged” it’s audience and “given them their moneys worth” would it have been as successful? I’m sure tons of people would have flocked to see Kim Bassinger give Mickey Rourke a hardcore blowjob in this vid and ya it could have fit within the storyline but in doing so the movie would have become secondary, it would simply be known as the movie where Kim Bassinger sucked a dick.

You see as soon as you put hardcore sex into the movie you lose your audience, the story you are telling is now secondary, hardcore sex is too real.

Would “Center of the World” have benefitted from some more overt sexuality? In my opinion no, as soon as it goes there it stops being about the story and starts being about the sex…bad move.

Now can Porn Valley make a cmpelling story about sex? Ya it’s been done, “The Opening of Misty Beethoven” comes to mind. But it’s still porn and nowhere near the standards of even “Wild Orchid”

Will there be a breakout film that is successful even with one little hardcore scene it in? I’m sure there will be.

Will Porn Valley ever make a good movie with hardcore? That’s a difficult question but the answer is a resounding no, at least not with the current thinking, you see when you have to have 5 or 6 sex scenes in a two hour movie it doesn’t give you much time to even tell a good story, certainly not to develop characters and how many people in porn know what a character arc is much less how to present it in the allotted time frame. Even 9 1/2 Weeks had strong character arcs, without which a story is very flat and dull. Character arc is what makes you the viewer identify with a character.

So don’t hold your breath untill Michael Raven or Paul Thomas gets an Academy Award Nomination.

I thought this was an original idea until I had this conversation today with Tod Hunter and he told me:

“That’s what Orson Welles said on The Dick Cavett Show in the ’70s when it was really possible that good filmmakers might include hardcore in their movies. He said that real sex is too powerful, it’s like real death. “

Which, I guess, just goes to prove that there are no original ideas in porn….

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2 Days To My Birthday…WHERE’S MY PRESENTS!

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