Hi, Mike…actually, we’re driving from Dayton to Long Island to appear at “Blush Carousel” then back to Dayton for one night then to Albuquerque (“Fantasy World”) then to Phoenix to see Tool perform and then to Tucson for a week then to Los Angeles to shoot and THEN back to Dayton, finally. Should take about 5 weeks.
Fifi and I love flying, but not when we’re taking Bubba the dog, and not when we’re hauling 15 show’s worth of costumes and props all over the freaking place.
Love ya. Call you from the road.

As for the dog…they fly free in the luggage compartment, as for the costumes … UPS, as for seeing Tool…Just damn….We gotta have a serious talk about you guys taste (or lack thereof) in what can only loosely be called music….very loosely.

And They’re Off:

Fifi and Tim Are off on a rather long road trip, driving from Dayton to New York City To New Mexico to Phoenix to Los Angeles and back to Dayton. I have some advice for Tim and Fifi, drive carefully and look into this new invention we have called airplanes…

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