Tim Reports in from the road:

TimCase and Felicia Fox On the Road Again: Day Two

What is TimCase reading? “Batteries Not Included”, Volume IX, Issues 7-10
What is FiFi eating? Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt (Peach & Vanilla)
What is Bubba doing? Chasing his tail, humping my leg

It’s Thursday, Nov. 7, and we did the first three of our nine shows here in Commack tonight, 10:30, 12:30 and 2:30. FiFi always starts every week of shows off with the same show — the “biker” show, which opens with Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart” — and she also did her “pimp” show and then her “gypsy” show, which is a brand new one. All three went well; the place is very small, but the people are cool, and everyone raved about her shows, which is always nice. (I’m not going to repeat the slanderous comments made by the staff regarding the other feature entertainers who’ve appeared here recently, because they’ll trash talk me and Feef the minute we’re out the door, too. It’s just part of the job).
The stage is carpeted, and I’m sure FF’s knees will be covered with rugburns after we leave…rugburns which I’ll have no hand at all in causing, dammit. The stage is also completely encircled by the bar, which means the only way for her to have any contact with the customers is to climb up on top of the bar and walk around it, trying to avoid knocking over their drinks and not knock herself out on the low-lying ceiling beams. It’s like some bizarre X-rated version of “Coyote Ugly”, except with more plot, better music, and no special appearance by Leanne Rimes.
I’m tired and dreading the rest of this road trip — who’s idea was it to drive to Albuquerque again, Mike? And by the way, did I tell you Felicia got her labia pierced again? She now has two (count ’em) TWO rings in her left cootchie lip.
I’m outa here — more info tomorrow. Plus the first of this trip’s Top Ten Lists.

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Tim Reports in from the road:

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